Stage 1 visa application: People to choose for LORs

Hi All,

I am currently affiliated with an higher education institute in the UK and as part of my application I was thinking of getting the letters of recommendation from the following types of people:

  1. One from our (University) department’s Head (HOD)
  2. One from a serial entrepreneur with successful exit (but he is also a professor in the department)
  3. My cofounder/CTO

The issue that I am facing in my head is as follows:

  1. The second person is also associated with my department same as the HOD. Is it fine to get LORs from people who are affiliated with the same department but also hold other affiliations as well?
  2. I am considering to get a LOR from my CTO/cofunder of my current company but he is still my colleague and a young entrepreneur, who hasn’t have much reputation as of yet apart from our work at my current company. Is the LOR from our current cofounder/CTO fine as part of the application?

Tech Nation states that LORs have to be from 3 different “organisations acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field”. The 2nd person can write the LOR from his other affiliations/companies provided the one he chooses meets the definition above and obviously different from LOR 1 and LOR 3.

I think Tech Nation also wants to see that individuals who write a LOR fall along the lines of an exceptional talent as well. They do ask for the CV/profile of LOR authors and I think that is because they want to see the authors professional history.

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@westside Thank you for your reply on this. I also read the requirement but I was thinking whether and how the people to put them as 2 of the people share the same affiliation while one of them also share multiple affiliations as well. However, another concern is whether my confounder/CTO will be considered as an exceptional talent or not as he’s very young and his most notable work is our current company. Hence, asking for help and suggestion from the community.

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