Stage -1 Talent Visa

Hi All!

My Name is Kumaresan, working as a Sr. Enterprise Cloud Architect and Solutions Architect in Cloud Digital Transformation. I hold a Honours of Ph.D with Multiple Master Degree in Computer Science like - Master of Computer Application, Master of Business Management, Master of Philosophy and have close to 23 years IT experience in the Java, Cloud, Microservice, SOA space with Multi Cloud development solutions Digital Transformation, Worked with onsite like USA, UK,UAE and funder or Renoscience IT company which not functioning now, looking to move to the UK to foster the growth Reinitiate my Old company Reoscience, in a Enterprise Digital Transformation in Cloud marketplace.

I’m preparing my EXCEPTIONAL TALENT stage -1 application and would really apricate to gain some critical feedback from anyone that’s been through a similar process.

Below is my current plan for submission :

Mandatory Criteria:
Reference letter -1 from my previous company Mentor at Datamatics Global Service (VP – Global Head) - Detailing my contributions to the companies success like Architecture and Solution created for R & D and Innovation Center in Datamatics Global Service and Client.
Reference letter -2 from my previous Client - A (VP- )in Enterprise Software Performance Technology Solutions Leader in India - We both worked together and Since he knows me for over 5 years, His letter provides deep context to my entrepreneurial journey outlining in my Architecture and solution and framework development into company, amongst other contributions to the field.
Reference letter -3 from my Ph.d Guide who is working as Dean and Professor in Private Engineering College in India - My deep understanding of the technical architecture creation and explication and mentoring to their college student and faculties about Digital Transformation in Cloud , and my success within the field and contributions to the success of the Ph.d awarded with her guidance.

Optional 1 - Innovation

Two examples of innovation3 International Journal published in Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation architecture. And 3 Papers Published in Conference about Dynamic Cloud Architecture.

Optional 2 - Impact of Innovation

Examples of Impact – My architecture design implemented with my existing client and solved their technical challenges and Reduced their commercial spending on IT software’s maintaining and support. And created enterprise Roadmap for future development , implementation , Governance strategic planning.
Appreciation from a Vendor Client appreciation posted in to my current company internal portal

On top of this i was able to cover additional info inside my CV such as my Major Client whom I worked so far in my current company like Inditex, Citibank, RBS Bank, Mashreq Bank, British Telecom.

Togaf 9 - Enterprise Architect Certification

AWS – Cloud Architect Certification

GCP – Cloud Architect Certification

Azure – Cloud Architect Certification.

3 Reference Letters
#1 – VP @ Strategic Business Leader Wipro Limited company in India
#2 – VP @ , Enterprise Software Performance Group at i-exceed Technology Solutions company in India
#3 Dean and Professor in Engineering College in India. She is Ph.d Professor and Dean.

I really appreciate your time reading this, and I’d request to hear your feedback on your thoughts on my Global Talent application. If anything is unclear I’m happy to answer any further Q’s and Clarification

Thank You ,
Kumaresan Selvarajan

Your evidence are mostly reference letters. I also think that your evidence for the optional criteria 1 and 3 may not be strong enough. Certifications are not suitable evidence to demonstrate impact. I 'll suggest you check the Tech Nation Visa Guide for examples of evidence.

Hi Francisca,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback,
Pls help on few more clarification:

1.Journal publication not considered for eligibility ?
2. Ph.d Awarded Degree will not considered for eligibility ?
3. Working with Fintech domain will not considered for eligibility ?
4. Apart from my current role also involved into mentor for College Student & Faculty educating about “Digital Transformation in Cloud Area” will not considered for eligibility ?
5. My salary package was 70K / per year will not considered for eligibility ?
6. UK work experience will not considered for eligibility ?

Pls suggest me what kind of talent i should highlight or i should have it .

Any other suggestion i need to add it pls help
i have 23 years experience in IT Company with Product , Service , Delivery involved , innovation and R&D
Can i apply for " Visa Promise "

thank you .

There are five eligibility criteria (1 mandatory an 4 optional criteria) You need to meet one mandatory and two optional criteria, I suggest you read the tech Nation guide to see which the criteria that speaks to your experience. You have listed some evidence that may fit into the mandatory and optional criteria, but you need to show the impact and other convincing information. I suggest you read the Tech Nation visa guide for guide on what to present.

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Sure, thank you let me read it.

Hi All,

Can any buddy suggest my ph.d Journal publication will fulfill below Mandatory criteria

  • Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector. You must include the title, date and evidence that you are the author of such published material and any necessary translation."

Back when I applied, there was a clause that said that any publication that was necessary for the completion of an academic degree shouldn’t be included in publications. However, I couldn’t find that clause anymore. I am presuming the panel is now okay with adding publications that are part of PhD. However, it still has to be peer-reviewed publication with significant citations, for it to be considered relevant.

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Thank you Shreeniwas,

My Journal was part of Ph.d academic and completed , i have published 3 international Journal with “Science Index” & 'Scopus ", only drawback is i don’t have much citations because of my topics or recently mapped with google scholars site.

Will they consider multiple Master degree ? (MCA, MBA, P.Mphil ) in same subject, apart from my Ph.d or is there any other way to prove my self ?

Thank you.

Will they consider multiple Master degree ?

I honestly don’t know.

Perhaps you can package all your educational qualifications and publications (regardless of citations) into a package and hopefully that comes across as strong evidence.

thank you so much for your guidance, let me try.

The other option now is to get your supervisor or an expert endorse your research. “Academic research must be endorsed by a recognised academic expert either through peer review in a recognised publication or endorsement from a leading senior academic who has supervised the individual directly”

Sorry not getting it what u means by endorsed ? Is it recommendation letter from my supervisor ?
My supervisor is holding Ph.d and working in Engineering college as a " Dean ", will that work out?

My 3 Journal are already Peer reviewed before published by Journal vendor.

Thank you…

It is a recommendation letter from your Supervisor that speaks about the world class research you have done. The letter is focused on your research not your person. He may focus on the novelty of your research, significance and impact and any additional information about your research work.

Please I will like to confirm if certifications are suitable as evidence of recognition