Stage 1 submission

Hey guys, I was submitting my stage 1 application and got stumbled upon two ques -

  1. They have asked for my referees address, what should I put here -

a) LinkedIn id
b) Their home address
c) Their office address

  1. They have asked to provide details of any digital technology business I have established. I founded a startup while in college and did a pilot of it. Should I put it? (have mentioned about it decently in my application).

Hi @sahil11
I guess you are talking about the application form, where you are asked to provide information about 3 referees.

In this case, you should probably use thier company/ organisation address. You might be able to find it in their letter, or in their company website.

For your second question, I suggest you include it, as you mentioned it decently, it will be good to provide evidence to make your statement solid.