Stage 1 Response time - Delay

Hello guys,

I applied for Stage 1 on the 9th of January, it’s been 3 weeks and 4 days and I’m yet to get a response from Tech Nation on my application status.

Is the delay usual or do I have to reach out to somebody? My anxiety hasn’t been helping :frowning:

I’ll appreciate if anyone can share their experience if they’ve experienced these delays before or I’m still within the timeframe. Thank you

Relax! You’ll get a response. There’s a candidate that just received a response after 5 weeks.

Okay, fingers crossed then. Thank you so much

Hello @Francisca_Chiedu , please I need some advice here. I applied for the GTV 4 weeks ago but I’m yet to get a response, I logged into my account and saw there was a last edit on 17th of January ( But I wasn’t the one that did the edit). Is this normal? & is the wait time still within the timeframe

I’ll appreciate any feedback :pray:

4 weeks is still within the official 8 weeks application period. Also check your SPAM emails.

As per others’ suggestions, you may need to wait up to 8 weeks. Be patient.

Just in case though, you may check my initial advice on another topic regarding your email notifications.

@Francisca_Chiedu Thanks, I haven’t gotten anything in my SPAM folder. I saw posts from people getting endorsements within 2 weeks, and we applied during the same period. So was a bit worried, thanks for the feedback

Yes, I got this mail from the Home Office, I guess I’ll have to wait for few more weeks to get an update, hopefully it comes with a success . Thank you @alexnk

if you have got the mail from home office now that mean decision has been made. In mail they would have mentioned whether you are endorsed or not. Sender email should be

The mail I got from that address was the one acknowledging my application. It ended with this

Your decision letter will be sent from a central email address and may go into your junk/spam folder. This has been a particular issue with gmail accounts. Please ensure you check your folders on a regular basis to ensure successful receipt of your decision. If you have not received your decision within the above timescale please do not hesitate to contact us.

So I’m guessing, I still have to wait it out

@jide Fingercross :crossed_fingers: Wish you the best of luck then

Guys! Good news! I’ve just gotten my endorsement 9 WEEKS after I applied.

This has been a nerve-racking experience, and I’m just so glad I got the endorsement without putting forward any corrections. Thanks to you guys on the platform, now it’s time for the Stage 2 hurdle :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, @alexnk, and most importantly Francisca @Francisca_Chiedu for the work across board


Congrats Jide. Is the endorsement for Talent or Promise

I got endorsed under promise

Oh boy, sure hope I won’t have to wait 9 weeks.
Obviously nerve racking :sweat_smile:

Congratulations. What along wait, thankfully it was worth it.

Hopefully you don’t have to, I had so many thoughts throughout :sweat_smile:

Yes it was! Thank you very much

@jide congrats. Were your recommenders contacted and they didn’t respond on time or why the delay?

I honestly have no idea, I sent a mail after the 8th week and I got a response from the home office apologizing for the delay. Got endorsed a few days after