Stage 1 Material Prep - Digital Tech Promise

Hi friends, my name is Qiana, I am on the process of applying for the Stage 2 for the GTV Exceptional Promise route, and I have some enquires on the Endorsement(3 different recommendation letters).
Here’s my background information to help you have a basic understanding of who I am before you continue to read through this post:

  • Current role: Partner Outreach Manager(no pay).
  • Work experience(to date): Social Media Marketing Intern, Content Marketing.
  • IT Skillsets(with Github portfolios): Python, SQL, Java, HTML, Pandas, Numpy, Tableau.
  • Self development: Google Analytics, SEO Marketing, video creating & advertising, foreign languages(fluency in Chinese, English, Korean, German) & Korean translation(news, social media contents).
  • Academic background: Bachelor’s in Auditing; Master’s in International Business Management with Merit.

It’s said that the evidence document should be submitted within the next 15 days, which is quite tight on the deadline. I am a little worried about two things:

  1. Who should I turn to? As stated on the Tech Nation guide, the endorser should either be a senior member of their organisation or creative founders in digital technology. The way I see it, the qualified endorser does not necessarily to be a C-Suite Executive, as long as the company they work for is reputable and international, but I haven’t yet built deep enough connections with potential prospects, either they’re way too occupied with replying tons of messages at work to see my request, or I just don’t have too many interactions with them. How should I fix this issue and adapt my way approaching the right people?

  2. What if I didn’t get to submit all the three recommendation letters by the end of the deadline? I am a little worried about this as you can’t tell when people are available to reply and how willing they will be to take your requests. Additionally, I am considering digital publications, with which I can get more credit for being accepted, however, it takes a lot of time and energy to finish. I haven’t published any paper or article outside of networking platforms like Linkedin, so and I am unsure how I would succeed in this case.

Any suggestions and advice are welcomed! Thank you for anyone who generously contributes her/his opinion :woman_technologist:t2:

Do you have other evidence outside of the letters of recommendation? And how do they fit into Tech Nation’s requirements because LoRs are simply not enough? If you do, then I would suggest that you ask for a meeting with them and present your case. If this isn’t feasible, then you should call UKVI and ask for a refund until you can get all your letters and other evidence in order.

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Apart from the letters of recommendation, I’ve uploaded a blend of materials, including:

  • Uni transcript of my Master’s degree with Merit
  • An on-hold job application for Deloitte that reached the stage of Assessment Centre
  • My past Korean translation project
  • A job offer(invalid due to visa issues) from a marketing company based in the UK
  • Marketing internship completion letter from the firm CEO
  • Self-developed Google certificate
  • Collaborative partnership with a tech startup

Hope the information above is insightful.

Have you reviews the Tech Nation guide Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation ?

I think most people will gather all the evidence and letter in advance and only then apply for endorsement. 15 days is tight but you may be able to make it.

Yes, I’ve read it. I am currently working on enhancing my Github portfolio and and discussing it with data scientists I connected with on Linkedin, so I think they may be the qualified endorsers that’d probably to proceed the request of my recommendation letter?

The guide states that recommenders should have “detailed knowledge of your work over a period of 12 months or more”.
How well aquatinted are you with these Linkedin contacts?

Considering the length of the period, I may have a couple of prospects (around 26 from IT industry)that meet the criteria, however, I don’t have much of conversations with most of them. I can pick up to 4-5 people that I developed a great relationship with, but are not all in the big companies or based in the UK.

I think you should only apply when you have most of your supporting documents. The documents you have shared doesn’t cut it.