Stage 1: Evidences for Optional Criteria

Dear All,

I am planning to provide the following evidences for the Optional criterions:

Optional Criteria 2:

  1. Evidence of peer-review of journal articles as evidenced from and
  2. Evidence of peer-review and part of being technical program committee member of top technical conferences for my field of research by providing web-links.
  3. My TEDx talk with viewership number and a confirmation from the organizer about the talk.
  4. Several op-ed articles from a magazine back from my time as a contributor in 2019-2020.
  5. My lecturing position and my online course on Python, available on MoodleX. (I am on Tier 4 visa and completing my PhD but I work part time as a Lecturer in a repeated UK University).

Optional Criteria 4:

  1. Evidence of one of the journal papers that is published in a top journal and is a pioneering technology in bridging the gap between Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision based machine learning.
  2. Evidence of presenting my peer-reviewed research in a top conference for my field of research.
  3. My Google Scholar profile link and snapshot showing my citations, h-index and public profile as a scholar.
  4. Couple of news articles featuring my works.
  5. An internationally reputed award for one of my work that has actually led to the development of my company. Also mention couple of other internationally reputed awards that are conferred based on my intellectual properties.
  6. An endorsement letter from my PhD supervisor, endorsing my research.

My question is that are the evidences for optional criterions 2 & 4 enough and correct?

For OC2,if the talk and articles are tech related and show thought leadership, it should be fine.

Your lecturing position is not considered work outside your job. Maybe your online course, is the online course commercialised?

For OC4 do you have certificate of acceptance for your papers?

For OC2, I am thinking of having a document named thought leadership. In that document, I plan to put name of the article that I have written, the magazine’s name where the article was published along with the date of publication. I plan to put couple of such examples in this document and also at the same time also include articles that have quoted me on topics on embedded machine learning, mobile computing and cybersecurity.

For lecturing, separate to my taught courses, I have created an online course “Introduction to Python programming” that is free for anyone to take on MoodleX - MoodleX is the public version of the Moodle platform used as Virtual Learning Environment.

For OC4, I have an email confirmation of the acceptance of my paper and have also received a certificate of participation (speaking) for presenting the paper and I plan to make a document to include these in the same document. I also plan to put 2 news articles that featured this particular peer-reviewed paper as in the same document.

For OC4, I separately also want to include another document where I will show my Google Scholar profile with my peer-reviewed publications and some highlighted publications along with news clippings.

Are the above evidences fine?
For OC4, how to prove that the conference where I have presented is the top conference for my field of research (Electronic Design Automation) as the case worker from Tech Nation might not be aware that it is the top conference of my field?

I think your evidence are fine as it is. For the article, note this " * Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector. You must include the title, date and evidence that you are the author of such published material… Also note that evidence of media recognition should include details about the publication and target audience

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So, for OC2, in the evidence document for thought leadership I have 2 sections: In one section, my contributory articles focused on smartphones and mobile applications for a popular magazine for women (which has 2+ Million mostly viewership). In another section, I am also showing evidence of me being quoted along with my affiliations in professional media/trade publications. I do plan to mention target audience for each example (evidence) that I provide.

Is the above evidence document fine?
My concern is that I used to be tech contributor of this professional women’s magazine where I used to write about smartphones and mobile applications (between 2019-2020). Will it be considered as Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media. I am not sure what the case officer of Tech Nation considers as - Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media. Any advise?