Stage 1 evidences for exceptional talent, Kindly help review

Mandatory Evidence 1:
Type: You have received nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards
Ans: I participated in a tech hackathon.
Page 1: Explanation of the hackathon and selection process
Page 2 : picture of the award being given to me
Page 3 : a snapshot of the newspaper. with links

Mandatory Evidence 2:
Type: reference letter(s) from leading industry expert
Ans: Letter from a CEO of another company within that industry

Mandatory Evidence 3:
Type: Command a high salary or other remuneration for your services
Ans: Employment contract Nomba + payscale to show i earn above other Nigerians in my sector

Evidence 4
Optional Evidence 3 (impact)
Ans: My first company Account statement

Evidence 5
Optional Evidence 3 (impact)
Ans: My first company CAC

Evidence 6
Optional Evidence 3 (impact)
Ans: Google visit, screen shots of product and video testimonial (Evidence of product in market)

Evidence 7
Optional Evidence 3 (impact)
Ans: Signed Documents of MOU with schools
evidence of sales pipeline built and delivered

Evidence 8
Optional Evidence 1 (innovation)
Ans : Reference letter from a cofounder affirm your impact in the second company i cofounded

Evidence 9
Optional Evidence 1 (innovation)
Ans : Videos and pictures on stage pitching my second company

Evidence 10
Optional Evidence 1 (innovation)
Ans: Evidence of my second company winning
[Migration Entrepreneurship Prize 2021] i have to sell that this is proof of innovation

Please let me know what you think and where i can adjust. God bless

Hello have you applied, if yes, what was the outcome?

No i haven’t. soon though