Stage 1 Endorsement

Hi everyone,
Have been following this forum for quite a while and I must admit it has been nothing but helpful,
I submitted my TN application 3rd of aug and got endorsed 25th of aug (Exactly 16 working days).
I would like to thank everyone in this forum. CHEERS


That’s awesome! Congratulations!!
Can you please submit your profile so that we can also get some help?

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Sure working on it already

Can’t express how happy I am for you.
I love good news :grin:
Congratulations bro :dancing_men:
From which country did you apply?
And which category? Business or technical

Congrats @Kehinde_oladipo

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Congratulations!!! @Kehinde_oladipo

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Thanks @Yusuf_Adebanjo, from Nigeria and Technical

Thanks @Kiran_das really appreciate

thank you @othman much appreciated

Lovely. Congratulations @Kehinde_oladipo. Don’t forget to join the Alumni Slack Channel.

Super nice, Kehinde.

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@badesemowo Thanks, How do I get an Invite for the Slack Channel @Kehinde_oladipo