Stage 1 endorsement rejected - Please Advise me

I have applied for exceptional promise in machine learning and AI, but I have received a rejection today.
I was working on applied research between the university and an aerospace manufacturing company on a new concept to develop and lead the implementation of AI, Knowledge Graph, and analytical services to digital twins aiming to provide the best services to their customers.
Madatory Creitria : I have been offered a job offer to work as a data scientist. As I have led a successful project between the company and the university by designing an intelligent aerospace search engine used to help the company apply visual and analytic services.
OC3: was accepted by TechNation.
OC4: I have submitted a support letter from a professor who was the supervisor of my research to confirm that my research complies with the world-class standard. I also mentioned that my research will be presented at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC).

Recommendation letters:

  • CEO of aerospace comapny
  • Professor form the university who led the contribution between the university and the comapny and involved me in this work based on my experince.
  • Director from a company I worked for.

Assessment panel feedback:

  • The Applicant has applied under the Exceptional Promise pathway as a technical applicant and does not fully fulfill the eligibility criteria.

  • In terms of mandatory criteria, the applicant needs to demonstrate that they have been recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector. The applicant’s role in combining artificial intelligence and data analytics demonstrate his advancement of the digital technology sector. Unfortunately no awards, speaking roles or published materials, etc were provided. The applicant’s GitHub contributions are relatively few for the past several years. Therefore, the mandatory criteria have not been met.

  • Optional Criteria 3 requires the applicant has made a significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company. The evidence provided demonstrates the applicant has applied semantic web, machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) at in novel areas. The evidence provided is sufficient to fulfill this criterion.

  • Regarding OC4, the applicant should demonstrate exceptional ability in the field by academic contributions through research published or endorsed by an expert Academic. The applicant stated the research will be presented at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), however at the time of the application, it appears this has not yet occurred. Without published research or presented research, the evidence does not support OC4.

Please I need someone to advice me about my mistakes. I have applied for a review and mentioned:

  • TechNation Guide mentioned " A letter of support from a research supervisor or other expert in your area of expertise affirming their potential world-class standard. This is in addition to the required letters of recommendation and must be written by another individual"

  • I have submitted a letter from a Professor proving his support and confirmation of my research as it complies with global standards.

  • I have also mentioned that our next plan will be presenting my research to the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), which will start on Sunday, 23 October. But the optional criteria in the TechNation Guide stated that the letter from the search supervisor meets these criteria.

  • TechNation guide mentioned this exapmle" outside of your normal day-to-day job role, you established, led or were a senior contributor to a large technology-led industry initiative, evidenced through reference letter(s) from global senior project executives". This is mentioned in the recommendation letters. As I am a key contributer to establish this project between the companyand the University based on my success in completing other projects.

  • On the other hand, Tech Nation Guide has mentioned that the applicant may have a role offer in a new digital concept to fulfill this criteria. I have submitted three letters from 2 professors and the company founder describing how my work and input has been essential in the successful development and implementation of knowledge graph techniques and Knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence, which support the company bigger Digital Capability initiatives.

  • The project is completely new and will bring an important commercial impact that the company see as being driven locally and internationally with exports. This can also be regraded as “an employee working in a new digital field or concept” ( The first optional criteria)

How long it took to get a mail from home office

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I have looked at your feedback. It appears your evidence was mainly reference letters. Tech Nation’s guide states that reference letters alone are not sufficient. For the mandatory criterion you did not show how you have be recognised as a leader through thought leadership in a speaking event, or award of recognition and other similar evidence listed in the guide. You can still attempt an appeal and state that you provided at least two evidence to meet this criterion and explain that your referees are renowned leaders who know your work. You loose nothing trying.

For optional criteria 4, your project is related to your MSc research project. The optional criteria 4 clearly states that “research undertaken as part of an undergraduate or MSc thesis does not qualify for this criteria”. Besides, you added an evidence that is yet to happen. Adding a future conference wasn’t necessary, the letter from your supervisor could have suffice that’s if the assessor overlooks that it is part of your MSC thesis. In any case, you lose nothing asking for a review. All the best.

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It took two weeks to get the result

Understood my friend. Are you gonna apply for appeal ?

Thank you for your explanation. I have submitted three other documents talking about the system architecture that has been designed by me regarding this project; my continuous learning approach with proven outcomes; and proof of my contribution to successful projects. I have submitted these documents under OC3. The chosen documents for the mandatory cretiria were wrong as I submitted a role offer and a letter from the company and the university for their approval to support my industrial PhD. After reading the guide carefully, it might be possible to submit the document that mentions my leading of a successful project for the company and the outcome of that project, as proven in the CEO’s letter.
For the speaking event, I was a part of a large event in a telecommunications company with “around 100 attendees” to talk about our success story as a team leader for a project in my country. I can prove that with a letter from my manager mentioning my work and the covered points at that event and with a news clipping after translating it to English.
The job offer in a novel area could be used to prove the OC1. I’d be happy if I got your advice about my understanding of these points.
Thank you, Francisca.

Yes I have applied for an appeal at this time.

Thanks for your reply let us be in touch and kindly put what you have got in your appeal, please.

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Of course, I will share the progress to help other applicants in the same situation.
Best of luck.