Stage 1 Current Timeline (Jul'22)

Hi! I’ve just applied for stage 1, may I ask:

  1. Do we still need to email Home Office the signed document checklist (which literally is just ticking a box to acknowledge there’s no need to post evidence anymore) + state that Tech Nation is the endorsement body. Or there’s no need for any of that anymore.
  2. Has anyone who applied in July received their endorsement yet? Nervous much. Anyone on the same boat please join in!
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Hi! To answer your questions:

  1. As far as I’m aware, you don’t need to do or send anything after you’ve submitted. The GlobalTalentEndorsements email address at the Home Office will email you a day or so after you applied to confirm they’ve received your application - and then the waiting game begins!

  2. I applied on June 28th and got my endorsement on July 11th, so about 2 business weeks. Saying that, in the past I applied and didn’t get a response for 3-4 weeks, so it all depends! The key is to trust the strength of your application and try to find ways to distract yourself in the meantime. Good luck!


Thank you much! I shall keep distracting myself as suggested :raised_hands:

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After you applied for Tech Nation itself (the Survey Monkey thing), did you get a confirmation email? I only received one email from after applying for Global Talent (before applying for Tech Nation via SurveyMonkey).

After completing the survey monkey one, you should get an email entitled “Tech Nation Visa - Application Submitted” from there.

Then, you should also get one from a day or so after completing the survey monkey one too.

Hmm≤. @dmitry & @floridaman - I got the email from GlobalTalentEndorsement first saying that they’ve referred my application to TechNation. Then after submitting TechNation, I got a confirmation email from them that say, now I need to wait for result from HomeOffice.

So in total, I’ve only gotten 2 emails. I didn’t get another one from GlobalTalentEndorsement after the survey monkey one :frowning:

@floridaman- could you confirm if you got total 2 emails (1 from each) or 3 (1 from survey monkey, 2 from GlobalTalentEndorsement?

After paying the application fee on, you get an email from the GlobalTalentEndorsement email.
After you submit your TechNation application, you get a mail from TechNation, confirming your submission. Making it 2 mails.
No need to worry. It looks about right in your case.
I wish you a successful outcome.


Thank you much! Yea, nervousness is causing me to have paranoids even just on emails haha. Thank you again :innocent: