Stage 1 - Application

Hi good people, Please can you help me with the link to start the application process with TechNation? I am being looped between the HomeOffice stage 2 link and the tech nation visa toolkit! Any help would be appreciated!

  • Submit the endorsement application form to the Home Office → HERE
  • Pay £456 for the endorsement. You will receive an email update from the Home Office when your payment is processed.

Tech Nation related evidence is no longer required to be sent to the Home Office. You should complete the application on the Tech Nation website and upload the requested information.

  • Get your unique application number (UAN) - this is 16 numbers starting with 1212. After you make the payment, you will be able to download the document checklist containing the URN or UAN.

  • Complete your Tech Nation application form no more than 15 working days after you submitted your Home Office application → HERE

    :no_entry_sign: Failure to submit your Tech Nation application form will result in your application being rejected as invalid.

  • Upload all legible documents/evidence in support of your application to the Tech Nation platform. After submitting you will NOT be able to amend or provide additional documents.

  • Home Office will send your application to be reviewed by Tech Nation

  • You will get an update from HO when Tech Nation has been notified of your application

  • You will get an endorsement decision from the Home Office within 5 to 8 weeks (or in 3 weeks if ‘fast track’)

  • If the application for endorsement is successful, you’ll receive an email from the Home Office with a copy of your endorsement letter

  • If the endorsement application is refused, request an endorsement review within 28 days after you get the decision.