Stage 1 Application Feedback?


I am applying for the Tech Nation endorsement and wanted to gauge the strength of my application. I am a Software Engineer with 2 years of experience and primarily focus on Blockchain, though in the past I worked for a company that focused on facilitating international trade between the UK and emerging markets (this company was UK based so might help me out a bit).

How does Tech Nation favor blockchain software engineers? Couldn’t quite tell, but my perception is that I would have a decent chance since what I am doing is new (working in decentralized governance in the Ethereum space, which is pretty much un-chartered territory).

I have the following documents:

Recommendation Letters:

  1. Joint letter of from the CEO and CTO of my current company (blockchain)
  2. CEO of one of my company’s investing firms and a fairly prominent figure in the crypto / blockchain space
  3. CEO / co founder of another investing firm, an even more prominent figure in the crypto / blockchain space

Key Criterion: Show they have been recognised as having potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology field

Qualifying Criterion 1: "I have a proven track record or examples of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company or an employee working in a new digital field or concept”

Qualifying Criterion 2: “I have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder or employee of a product-led digital technology company”

Proof of being being selected as finalists at an ETHGlobal international hackathon, with news clippings and other relevant information

Letter of Reference from my mentor, a senior dev at a major cryptocurrency exchange

Evidence of my company in various news outlets, youtube features, and twitter mentions - all major references online but they don’t specifically mention me

Employment Contract and Equity Evidence from blockchain company

Git commit and contribution history, as well as code snippets, from the blockchain company

Git commit and contribution history, as well as code snippets, from my first company (B2B), with evidence of working on custom search API functionality

Letter of Reference from CEO of my first company

Contract and Salary Information from my first company

Any feedback would be great, as I’d like to submit ASAP. Thanks so much!

I agree with you and think that your read might be in the right direction. Anything innovative and moving digital technology should be good, and blockchain definitely fits in.

Any feedback would be great, as I’d like to submit ASAP. Thanks so much!

Looks like a solid set of evidences. You can perhaps combine some documents into single documents, just to make them easier in one place, specially if they don’t add up to being 3 pages as they stand. For instance

  • the two git commit documents
  • Employment contracts; Contract & salary information

If this vacates a couple of evidence pieces, you could potentially use them for other evidences (if you left any in the shortlisting process)

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please can you share link for the application for endorsement

@Stephen_Ogu Good day. Applying outside of the UK use this link to submit your Home office application. Then you can now submit your documents on the Tech Nation portal.

Cheers mate!

@sojo thanks for your response. I would like if you can send me the direct link to the form for application

@Stephen_Ogu Here you go. It is not a form but a web portal.

You have to register and pay on the using the first link i sent to you.


@sojo thanks for your kind assistance so far. help me with the following questions

  1. How do I skipped the IHS payment (it is $1799 on my profile application) because it stated on the application portal that it can be skipped but I still need the reference number

  2. what are these required documents to upload during the Tech Nation application (do I need to pay any other fee?) for the letter of recommendations,

a. Do I get it from my referees to upload, and also
b. is it required to write it on the letter-headed document?
c. What should be the status of the referees in their respective workplaces?
d. What are the Evidence files about?

Upload CV
Letter of Recommendation 1
Letter of Recommendation 2
Letter of Recommendation 3
Evidence Files

please send me a message on lordokeson @ yahoo . com


(1) I didn’t skip the IHS funds I did for 5 years. Why don’t you try for 2 years or a year?

(2) Yes you need to pay for Tech Nation via the Home Office I think it is 455GBP or there about boss.

(a) Your referee will give you in the form of word or pdf plus his/her CV.
(b)Letterhead is not a must but my referee used it.
© Manager, CEO, Tech Lead or a very well know IT expert you have worked within the past.
(d) Tech Nation website gives different types of evidence you can check that on their website to have more information

@Stephen_Ogu No problem sir

Hello @sojo I am yet to receive any email from you.