Stag 2: Next Steps

Got the endorsement as an Exceptional Promise! :slight_smile:
I applied from outside the UK.

Now, what are the next steps, unable to find the exact go-to link in the Application Update email.
Please guide.

Thank you!

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You will find the link to apply to stage in the endorsement email you received

Yes, the link is:

And I have to apply from outside the UK.
The stepwise procedure or checklist will be so helpful.
Thank you!

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The 2 big steps will be (1) applying on the Home Office site and there when you finish filling in your information you will get the checklist of documents and then (2) having your biometrics appointment. Once these 2 big steps are done you will just need to wait for the decision of the Home Office.
I hope this helps

  1. Need to create new application?
  2. Biometrics via Visa Office?
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Understanding needed please:

Sub-category of leave

What type of application are you making?

How long do you want to be granted?
Five years?

Now, while paying IHS, I have these queries:
Info: Health surcharge: £624 per year for each person
= £624 x 5 = £3120

Q 1: Can/Could I select a 1-year or 3-year visa over 5 years?
Q 2: How to change it now?

I thought that as a promise, I have to select 5 years but now reading the posts which say that you can extend the visa later on or every year. So I can earn there and extend it to 4 years afterward… if I go for a 1-year visa this time. Or go for 2 years extension next year after getting 3 years visa now.

Please let me know the solution please. Thank you!
CC: @Francisca_Chiedu

You can select 1 or 3years, it means you will pay your IHS based on the number of years you apply for.


Do we need to fill in this part? Thank you.

Thank you. Now I want to update that years to 3. How to do so? I am at the stage of paying IHS fee and previous information is not editable or updatable.

Creating a new application of stage 2 with the same credentials and information? Thank you

You have to start again.

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with the same email? no issues?

Yeah, no issues. This is from them.

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This solves my issue. Thank you so much!! you are the best and good luck to you for everything.
Update: Go with 5 years, or as per your visa type before ILR. Peace of mind and more focused towards the goal. Yes, I have done the same. But yes do as you feel comfortable. No worries.

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I guess this part is for your partner.

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Okay, so I can ignore if no dependant then, thank you.

Hi! The final step before applying for appointment and biometrics is:
The checklist of the supporting documents and biometrics:
In supporting documents checklist, it has asked:
Information about your visit
Documents showing any plans you have made, such as:
tour details / flight details / letter of invitation / evidence of sponsor’s
immigration status in the UK
Money (either income or savings)
Documents such as:
Bank statements / bank books / bank letter / balance certificate / tax returns /
crop receipts
Home address
Documents showing where you live, such as:
Property deed / mortgage statements / tenancy agreements / accountant’s
letters / land registration documents
Evidence of assets
Documents showing that you own property or land, such as:
Property deed / mortgage statements / accountant’s letters / land registration

**Q1: Should I prepare all documents?
Q2: Passport, and Endorsement letter are enough (including a TB certificate)?
Hence, in this case, leaving all above documents unmarked and mentioning following docs in the Other Documents:

  1. Endorsement Letter
  2. TB Certificate

Which is right way? Thank you!!

Note: (Applying outside the UK)

CC: @Francisca_Chiedu


Waiting for the response to proceed further. Thank you

Q2 is enough. If additional information is required, you will be contacted

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Thank you so much! one last query on it please:
I have an old passport as well (which has a travel history)

  1. Should I upload both passports?
  2. Better to upload the current one right now and take both passports with me during an appointment?
    What do you suggest? Thank you!!

Only provide what is required. Your old passport is not needed.