Spouse vs Dependent

Dear All,

I hop you are doing very well. I have a question regarding GTV application, stage 2. I would be so appreciated if someone can guide me on this issue:

I have recently received endorsement and currently I am filling the online forms for stage 2 of the visa application. In one section, the systems asks for the details of my spouse, information such as: her name, passport number and etc. After this section, the system asks if there is anyone who is financially dependent on me. I was wondering if I should re-enter my wife’s detail in this section or it is not necessary and it is for other dependents (e.g. children).

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Henry
I was in same boat and i entered my spouse detail again in dependant section.

Thank you, happysoul! I will do the same.

is there anybody who has not but still got visa?

I forgot to add my wife’s name as dependent. However it asked in the line above whether she will be traveling with me and I said yes.

It is too late to cancel application to correct and ask for refund because it takes a long time. I think I’m gonna proceed with biometric because I have to start my job soon in the UK.

I think you should write to the home office perhaps right away. They might respond tomorrow. They can give you the right guidance.

Thank you. How to write? You have to pay online if you want to ask them a question. Isn’t it?

I had the same problem. I have paid the IHS and application fee but have not submitted the documents and provided the biometric.

How was you application going? Were you and your wife successful with the visa?

Has anyone didn’t put spouse/partner’s name in the Dependants but got the visa for both?

I didn’t put my wife’s name in dependants and we still got visa. For the record, I don’t consider her as “dependant” anyway.

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My health surcharge was only calculated for my application even though stated that I will be coming with my wife. Did anyone encounter this during their stage two application?

You need to do a separate application for her.