Spouse previous name on Passport, Should my spouse Apply with her previous name?

Hello community,
I got my endorsement for Exceptional Talent three days after submitting my application and currently working on stage 2. My spouse will be applying for a dependant visa.

Here is what we want to achieve: My spouse passport bears her previous name and it’s still valid till 2027, this is what we plan to apply with. However, would want her BRP to carry her new name.

We avoided applying for a new passport for my spouse as we don’t have a visibility as to how soon it would be issued.

Question 1: During stage 2 application, should her previous name be used when asked for my spouse name ?
Question 2: Should my spouse use her previous name while applying for dependent VISA ?
Question 3: How easy is it to do a change of name in the UK ?

We have the following documents:
Spouse passport (with previous name),
our marriage certificate,
Change of name Affidavit (this states her new name),
Newspaper publication (this states her new name),
Wedding Pictures and all.

Thank You for your responses and suggestions :tada:

I think your spouse should renew her passport to match her current name, which should be submitted together with the “Change of name Affidavit” when you apply for her visa, in order to get the right name on her VISA.

Otherwise, she may have to redo many documents again to prevent herself to hold 2 passports in the UK and also carrying her “Change of name Affidavit” with her, whenever she makes a transaction. For example documents: name on VISA, BRP card, GP, NIN, Bank account name, telephone bill name, children’s schooling, and more.

This is not legal advice, but I think this will be much easier for you.

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I think you can introduce her marriage name in your application as she will be asked if she has other names. However, she may experience issues with different name on passport and BRP

In my case, I didn’t change my maiden name. I will do so when I renew my passport and apply for ILR then it will be Uniform. Name change in the UK is not difficult, it is fine via a deed poll.

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Thank you,
This challenge is we don’t know how long it would take before a new passport would be ready.
Considering the fact that endorsement by TechNation is only valid for three months.

Thank you for your response.
I was previously thinking of using her marriage name and assumed it would be applied since we have an Affidavit. I also assumed we would be able to upload marriage certificate and other evidences or supporting documents during the process.

what difference is it going to make if her BRP carries her maiden name? He passport is still her main document that will be used for traveling purposes. Even if you add your name it will still like show both surnames. By 2027, she can change everything. Some processes will insist that you write your name as it appears on your passport.

Thank you, I would do just that.

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I agree with @Francisca_Chiedu just leave it as is and get your visas first. Every other thing can be sorted/changed later

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Thank you @Olubunmi_Fajuyigbe