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Hello everyone,

i will be very happy if i can the answers for the questions below, which i couldn’t get an answer,
1- I have a 12 year development career, but i want to apply for the Promise. Is it possible? Because in the site it says “Exceptional promise applicants are likely to have less than 5 years of experience in technology” it means usually less than 5 years, so can i apply ? What will happen if i apply, will i be reviewed for ET or get a rejection?

2- I’m not a very public person, i have done & leaded very good projects which my companies made good profits but i don’t have public talks, github conts, blog etc. For my 12 year old career i always worked in big scaled companies. Also because of that projects for the companies and they are not public, only proof i can get is the endorsment letters which written by high titled managers, like CEO , Executive Director etc. They will write that i made that projects and how much profit they got. Is that ok ?

3- Sorry if it will be a silly question, i’m a newbie about this process, i see that people talking about edits. Do people edit when they got a feedback , or they edit before submitting the apply ? Because i will prepare all my documents and submit them in once. So whats that edit stands for here ?

4- Beside of LoRs, reference letters count as an evidence ? I will submit 3 LoR , but i can get more reference letters from good titled managers, can i upload them as an evidence ?

5- The company I worked for before was not a technology company, but it was a well-known global financial company. I had valuable digital projects in this company, can’t I use the LoRs of senior managers working in this company?

Thank you so much everyone


My advice

  1. If you have morethan 5 years apply for Talent
  2. Are you a technical applicant or Business - if this is the only thing you lack my advice is to spend some time building your profile and out of work duties including mentoring for a year atleast.
  3. Even i have no idea on Edits, i submitted my application and i just got mail confirming my endorsement i haven’t actually looked into my application again. So i dont think it matters.
    4.For what criterias you will be using those references? It should be relevant to the criteria you are opting for otherwise its not worth it. But you can ask them to give LinkedIn recommendations it helps…
    5.same for what criteria? And you can propose your statement how you moved to product led companies from financial institutions.and key thing is the impact you have made.

Thank you for the reply,
Yes i realized that i didnt mentioned myself sorry for that,

I’m a senior software developer, i will apply for the FinTech. My projects were mainly based on company needs & technological improvements. As i said mu previous company was a financial company but they had a digital tech department which i leaded for a while. Projects were B2B & B2BC projects which made a good profit per month.
Now im in a tech company and mainly working on payment systems, invocing systems etc. Also i have responsibilities like mentoring the juniors and newcomes.

My references are it director of my current company, 2 other is from my previous company. One left there while ago now he is the ceo of another global financial company. Other one is still there, he is the executive director.
But as i said while i cant get any reference who dont know my work, my only option is to get from them.


  1. If you have more than 5 years experience, you will assessed as Exceptional talent. The strength of your recommendation letters and evidence will determine if you will be endorsed or not.

  2. Avoid using people from the same organisation for the three recommendation letter. Use a diverse pull of industry leaders who know your work for over 12 months.

  3. Edits showing your tech nation submission site, it just give an indication of the times your application was viewed.

  4. You can get additional references from your employer/ senior executive who can given detail of your impact in the compy, this could be used in optional Criteria 3.

Overall, I don’t think you have insufficient evidence to meet all three criteria.