Some questions about LoRs / ref letters


I am considering applying to Global Talent Visa.

My work experience so far:

  • Worked for one of the biggest banks in my country - for 2.5 years. I was working as Associate Product Manager in Digital Banking department for bank’s mobile banking app.
  • Worked for a global telco company in my country - 2 years. I was working as Product Lead in the Digital department responsible for mobile app.
  • Worked at 2 different gaming companies in last 4 years - I worked as Product Manager

I have some questions as you can see below.

Q1.1 Can I get LoR and reference letter for evidencing any criteria from the same person?

Q1.2 Can I get more than one reference letters from same person for evidencing different criterias?

Q1.3 In other words, should every LoR and reference letter for evidences be written by different people?

Q2. Will getting LoR / reference letters from people within my current company cause any problems or weaken my application?

Q3. I guess we can use our referees’ LinkedIn profile links instead of CV document. Am I correct?

Q4. My first work experience was for a bank in its digital banking department. I am pretty sure that my role is suitable to “digital technology sector” or “product-led” definition. In the TN guide, they define the suitable companies as following: “The “digital technology sector” or “product-led digital technology companies” are defined as businesses that provide a proprietary digital technical service/product/platform/hardware as their primary revenue source.” Do you think I can use any LoR from this work experience bearing in my that department being responsible for a digital mobile app?

Q5. Can I use a 4th LoR for evidencing Mandatory Criteria?


Hi @dogito

  • which all companies/experiences/roles are relevant in only last 5 years?

Q1. 1 No. LORs and support letters should be from different people. But LOR can cover what you want to prove in evidence.

Q1.2 no

Q1.3 yes

Q2. No: it’s a good thing! But will all LORs be from same company?

Q3: yes but give a brief of their profiles and background in a paragraph of the letter if not attaching cv

Q4. There have been past instances where TN has rejected LORs from banking domain highlighting they were not digital technology leaders. Select LORs very carefully from profiles that would qualify as industry tech leaders.

Q5. Yes but that will be a support letter not a LOR. You can submit only 3 main LORs but can use multiple support letters to evidence criteria.