Skillset and recommdariom letters

Hi Team,

I am having around 10yrs of experience in IT with Oracle Taleo as major skill. I have used .Net or Java just as middleware to achieve the end results or to offer the solution to customers.

Entire my career was acted as a consultant with different roles like technical consultant, system analyst/integration analyst.

My initial question is, does my skillset will be considered for global talent visa?

My career history was - 3yrs for comparison A at India
2 yrs for company B
4yrs+ (current) for company A at USA

Coming to my 2nd question on recommdation letter which should be from past 5yrs, what are all possible options? My understanding is that Tech nation will accept recommenda letter from SM+ levels. Is that correct?

Hi @gopipurilla - I don’t think Taleo or .Net or Java, on its own either proves or disproves the case for your application. What you need to look at is the criteria mentioned at TechNation’s website (Global Talent Visa | Tech Nation) and formulate whether or not your work history and career add up to those criteria. As you can see, that criteria doesn’t mentioned “skilled in Taleo”. Rather it asks to

show that they have been recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector

I hope you can formulate your career history in those terms.

As for the referees - the website states:

Each person who writes a letter for you must:

  • Be a senior member of their organisation
  • Know your work

as well as

acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field

The question you must ask is - do SM+ in your company add up to being an experts in digital technology field? Obviously, Senior Manager at Google (a relatively flat organisation) is more likely to be considered an expert, compared to a Senior Manager at companies where people make managers 1 year out of college.

Thank you for your response. I’m thinking to get the reference letter from past clients instead of having from my employer. Reason is, I worked with them. They knows more about my work and skills.

One is, program manager
Other one is, architect

Final one is with my ex-colleague. We both worked for couple of projects. He is SM+ resource.

Will this work?

Any sample recommendation letter available for reference.


No one can’t give you a definitive answer. If that is the best you can present, go for it and hope for the best.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a recommendation letter template as such. Of the recommendation letters I got, there were some common parts:

  1. About the referrer - roughly half a page
  2. How I know the candidate
  3. Crux of the recommendation - talking about what I did, how I did it and how it benefitted the company. This was obviously the biggest section. In my case, some were descriptive, while others used numbers and stats.
  4. Closing remarks recommending why I would be an asset to UK and why the referee recommends me to TechNation.

Does that help?

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Did you apply yet, do let me know the results , I am planning to apply next month

That’s helps much. I’m working on documentation

Not yet. It will take time for me to prepare the documents. Once you applied, let me know