Significant contribution in digital technology - QC 3

Hi all,
Can anyone help me understand the QC 3 examples…
I understand that they want the candidate to provide evidence proving they have made an impact in the digital-tech sector and also should differentiate between evidence of innovation and impact if the candidate is choosing QC 1 & QC 3.
But I am not able to understand the two parts of examples they have mentioned, especially the later part which says “please provide more than one piece of evidence”. If the candidate provides, say two pieces of evidence then will that be counted and considered as two separate evidence or will it be considered as single evidence under the 10 evidences.

I don’t know if I was clear enough in the queries I have written above so I have attached an image taken from tech nation website and highlighted the things I didn’t understand, hope it is clear enough.

Please help and thanks in advance…

10 evidence limit is rock solid. Whichever way you want to fit your documents, the number is 10 max.

Hi @Moi The word ‘evidence’ is confusing :wink:

As Mukesh said, when you upload supporting documents, there is only max 10 attachments (evidence). But within each attachment, there are 3 pages for you to provide detailed examples (finer granularity evidence).

Another important point, each of your selected criteria will need to be supported by more than 1 attachment. You will find it out when you fill in the application form.

If you have multiple smaller evidences to paint a picture, they can be included in a single combined document, to form an integrated evidence. (This is what I did, as when I started gathering evidence, I did not want to throw away some less strong but good evidences).

Good luck with your application.

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After another look at your question: you were asking if 2 attachment will be considered as 1 piece of evidence or 2?
It depends on the contents and type of evidence. If the two pieces of attachment talk about the same thing, they may be considered as 1 I guess.
But if you have a super strong 1 piece of evidence that can support 2 criteria, I think they can also be used. Probably you can mention it somehow in your Personal statement or application form(the criteria and supporting document list).

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