Should I send the DocuSign or the person who sould sign it?

I am a bit confused about the rejection reason… What does “The letter has credibility issues as it shows it originated from the applicant. We are unable to award OC1.”

Am I not supposed to send the letter myself to the person who suppose to sign or vice-versa? I don’t get it.

oh wow that’s weird - was that the only reason stated?

That was the only reason for OC1 rejection yes - I’m losing my mind… is this a 12 years old kids who are reviewing those applications or what!!! I literally sent the DocuSign and they sign it from their own company emails!!! What I’m supposed to do otherwise!!! I’m giving up on the UK and finding something else.

Just relax. If that’s the only criteria rejected, then it can be argued/ appealed. Do you care to post it so others can offer their opinions too?

Thank you - this was my appeal and they rejected it. All the letters I’ve sent I sent the same way but the only one they rejected is the one for OC1 - which is no difference.

Don’t think I’ll go for a 2nd try, they just don’t deserve the money or the time and effort I’ve put into this.

Oh I totally understand, believe me.

I’m sorry about the outcome, I know it sucks. Just take time off and come back stronger! You’re already so close.

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I believe they are saying you wrote the letter and sent to the referee to docusign. Tech Nation doesn’t expect the applicant to write the letter, so that’s the credibility issue they are referring to.

Pls @Francisca_Chiedu this DocuSign is optional right?
All my recommendation letter were join image(PNG) added.

It’s optional, I prefer wet signature with a pen.

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Thanks - but that’s not true - I just sent them the tech nation guidelines like the letterhead, date and contact info stuff - that’s it. They could’ve contacted him and verified the letter but I think they just don’t care.

why is docusign showing the email originated from you?

Is that wrong? Because I just attached the full verification document.

I sent the letter from my email to their company and they did sign it from their company email. It’s “originated” from me as I am the one who sent the sign request.

Otherwise, what’s the process then? They send me the docusign to sign? Doesn’t feel right

if the letter was write by the recommender then it should not orginate from you. They simply write the letter sign and send to you.

You are not expected to send the letter, the letter should written by your recommender/ referee.

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That just means that each your referee should have their own docusign account, it costs some money.

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then they should hand sign to avoid this being misinterpreted that you wrote the letter.


That’s what they did - and then I send it to them through DocuSign… This is so confusing

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Thanks, may I know what “hand sign” mean? And how it is more verified than DocuSign verification

Hand signing is standard wet signature. If your recommenders don’t have docusign they can sign using a pen.

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Thank you, but I don’t know, we’re in 2023 and this sounds like a medieval way to verify a letter. I think I just got unlucky with a weird reviewer

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