Should I need to live in UK to have an Extension?

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I have an Exceptional Talent visa for three years which will end in December of 2024. This means I have more or less 1 year remaining for an extension visa application. During the first 2 years, I worked remotely (from out of the UK). I have a permanent job in the UK. My taxes are paid by my company and my salary is paid to my UK bank account.

My question is: Should I need to live in the UK to have an extension?
Second question: I am an exceptional talent and in my first application I had 3 years visa. While applying for an extension, may I apply for 5 years?


@Shreeniwas_Iyer @Francisca_Chiedu remembering that you have responded my questions before and the responses were very helpful, any comments for my this question please. Thanks in advance

I checked the and was not able to see any requirement about living in the UK. But since this is critical, I want to be sure. Here is the link.

Any further comments, please?

You should seriously talk to an expert or a lawyer.

If you are not residing in the UK, you shouldn’t be paying taxes there. You should be paying taxes in the country where you reside.

If you are not paying taxes in the UK, I doubt you are eligible for renewals.

You are working for a UK company (howbeit remotely).
You are a UK tax payer.
Your endorsement has not been withdrawn.

I amnot sure of the exact rules but it looks like this page answers your questions. -

No mention of proving number of months of residency as you would need to if applying for ILR.

Do ask a lawyer to be sure.

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