Should I mention my partner accepted into PhD program?

I’m close to finishing my package + personal statement for Stage 1 Tech Nation and how I fit all the criteria etc. I am wondering if I should include or exclude the fact that my partner has been accepted into a PhD program in the UK?

How do these guys think? Will they be like, “Oh he’s qualified, plus his partner has been accepted into a phd, sounds like a nice couple we’d like to keep in the UK”


“I’m having a bad day. He’s totally qualified, but since his partner will have a student visa, let’s just say no and make him be a dependent under her, he’ll probably come anyway, mwahahaha.”

Do you think I should:

A) Express my genuine intent that with my GT and my partner pursuing a PHD, we will have a chance to finally settle in the UK and invest in our communities here

B) Less is more. Don’t oversell. Make your case for GT and keep silent on the spousal stuff

I think this is unnecessary information and not need for you application. The global talent is about you not your partner. They are more interested in how you will contribute to the UK tech sector. You current achievement and future plans. Tech nation guide clearly state what they want to see in your application. Avoid drama and TMI.

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Well said, TMI indeed. Thank you!

They don’t care about what your partner does. Just your own contributions to the UK tech community.