Should I mention about unrelated awards?

Hi, I’m a computer engineer, but I have worked in an unrelated field for three years. I received 2 international awards in that field. Should I mention that, or it is just unnecessary?

If it’s unrelated to the mandatory or optional criteria in your sector or speciality then it’s not relevant and I wouldn’t waste a piece of evidence in something that doesn’t support your endorsement.


If you have the space you can list them in your CV in addition to the most relevant things that should be there.


I have a slightly different opinion.

If the award was within the last 5 years and it was a big deal in that sector, you may want to mention it and include evidence. Also include a context on how the skills and experience of this achievement is transferable to your Tech career I.e your career is one big journey rather than two disjointed sprints.

However, as have been mentioned here, the strength of your evidence in Tech must still be really strong. This itself would just be additional information / evidence showing an wholistic track record.

Important Note: I assume you are applying under exceptional promise category (I.e you have less than 5 years experience overall in Tech). My opinion would be different if you were applying as exceptional talent.

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I’m application for exceptional talent not the promise.