Should I collect new BRP or replaced eVISA?

I’ve approved GTV 24th April 2024 and I was planning to collect BRP card untill vignette will be expired, but when I checked the UK gov office announcement, the BRP card will be replaced eVISA.
I’m confusing whether shoud I need to collect my BRP card or is it possible to apply eVISA?

It is great helpful if you have any advice,

Best Wishes

I think if you have received the vignette you will need to collect BRP. But I would love to get more insights as well - I am applying for extension in a month and also hoping I can get eVisa directly without having to collect brp.

I think it’d be best to collect the BRP. You need a BRP number to create a UKVI account which is where you’d apply for an eVisa.

It does have an option of passport number if one doesn’t have a BRP. Can that be used to apply for eVisa and not collect BRP?