Should I apply for Exceptional Promise or Talent?

I had been working as a Freelance Shopify developer since last 6+ years. I’m also a part of TopTal’s network and have build many full stack apps, including Shopify apps. You can view my resume here: Resume_Mathews_Joseph.pdf - Google Drive

My questions are:

  1. Can I apply for Tech Nation endorsement? I had been working as a freelancer only since last 6+ years, even when I was in college. I didn’t complete my BTech course and went all in on freelancing and entrepreneurship, but I never worked for any client more than 6 months. I own few softwares which I have made. Does this makes me eligible for Exceptional Promise or Talent?

  2. Regarding evidences, what all can I submit since I worked only on contract?

Would really appreciate if someone can shed some light on the above questions. I went through the docs and all of them suggest that I would get a denial.

This is the feedback I received

Consultants & contractors may only be considered if they
demonstrate their skillset is exceptionally niche and typically unavailable on the open market.

According to the guideline, freelancers are not eligible. You should provide evidence as a full time employee.
Your evidence should also be with organizations you’ve worked with for at least 1 year

You can refer back to the guideline to get more insights