Short questions about LoRs

Hi everyone,

I have some questions about the letters of recommendation, hope you can help!

First of all, for digital signatures, is it really necessary to docusign it and add the certificate instead of the recommenders pasting the signatures? I have one letter where they just pasted their signature digitally without docusigning, but I’d rather not bother the recommender too much about it making him re-sign it.

Secondly, in another of my LoR, I created the docusign for my recommender to make it easier for him. In the certificate hence it appears that I created the docusign and he signed it. Just wanted to make sure there is no problem with that as in the guide they mention authorship as well.

Thirdly, about the CV of the recommenders, they used a link to their linkedin on the letters. However, I think it’s recommended to also merge their CV with that. If I download it from linkedin though some CV’s take 5 pages. Would you recommend still to merge their CV after signature? Or just merge a snapshot of their linkedin or something like that?

And lastly, you know if the reviewers are strict with respect to formalities in names? As a Spanish, I apply to the visa with my two last names (what my passport says), but two reviewers referred to me with only the first (as it’s customary in Spain to use only the first), while the other used both last names.

I know they are a few questions. Thanks in advance for any help!


  1. It’s necessary to docusign it properly and include the log (we’ve seen rejections because of this). Alternatively, they can sign it with letter headed paper.

  2. The assesor would think you wrote the letter yourself as the IP address would be yours.

  3. You would still need to merge the CV in addition to the link to their LinkedIn profile.

  4. It shouldn’t be an issue if you can indicate your full names and the variations in your application and personal statements