Shareholder Agreement more than 3 pages

Hello everyone, I want to use my company shareholder agreement as one of the mandatory criteria, but I noticed it is more than 3 pages as stipulated in the instructions.

Do I upload it like that? To all those that used it as evidence. Did you upload it like that? @pont87

Hi, I only used 3 important pages that included overal shares, my share and the last page that included signatures.

However, in my first application that got rejected, TechNation did not accept shareholder agreement as an evidence for Mandatory Criteria. That’s why I used CEO’s recommendation letter as Mandatory Criteria evidence and the letter mentioned my share as an accomplishment of leadership in the company. So linking with the letter helped in my second application.

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Oh my…
I was planning on using Board resolution document where I was rewarded with equity and promoted as a director on the board, supported with the proof as my mandatory evidence.