Send checklist and documents to homeoffice email?

Given that stage 1 is essentially about receiving endorsement from “Tech Nation”.
Do we still have to send checklist+documents to Home office? doesn’t really talk about “sending checklist & documents”

Guide only says “send application form to home office” which I understand is paying £456.

Pl guide.

I tried sending email with attachments & got

Got a confirmation that we don’t need to email documents.

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I suppose once you apply for endorsement in home office website than you will upload all these documents to Technation porta, to which you can login with unique number you received from Homeoffice while applying,

You received update on your application?

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Yes correct. I believe that’s right

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Nope. just first edit on Dec 5.

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When did you apply ?

Please have you taken some consultancy service as well in the UK or you did apply by yourself? Thank you

Applied on Monday 28 Nov '22

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Applied by myself. Read the official visa guide a lot of times and used this discuss forum a lot.


Hi, Did you receive the endorsement email?


Hi Chaitanya

I applied for GTV on homeoffice site and at the end I got a message to send an email for all docs, is this required or a standard message ?