Seeking Guidance on Evidence Submission for Global Talent Visa Application

I’m currently facing a dilemma and could use some guidance regarding my Global Talent Visa application. As a payment operations specialist with nearly a decade of experience spanning across two switching companies, a payment processing firm, and a digital bank, I am eager to showcase my expertise and contributions in the field.

I have compiled several pieces of evidence, including successful fund recoupment efforts and leadership roles in significant projects such as the cards project. However, I have encountered difficulty in obtaining the audited financial statements from my previous workplaces. This brings me to my query: would it be acceptable to provide alternative evidence such as dashboards and documented conversations with stakeholders to support my application?

I am eager to ensure that my application is thorough and compelling, and any insights or recommendations you can offer on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Could you please explain this role? Is it a digital technology role or a business role in a digital technology company?

Thank you @hsafra This is a business operations role in a digital tech company.

*** Sector-specific experience e.g. payment infrastructure in FinTech / international expansion in EdTech etc.**

@Francisca_Chiedu Please, i’ll need your input :pray:

Yes, you can and try to include a letter of reference to back it up.

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Thank you @LizzyOrji
I plan to get a reference letter from one of the heads of department while I was at still with them.

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