Seeking feedback - operations for tech startups and founder with UK-based startup

Hi all @Francisca_Chiedu

I see all the amazing support shared for applicants and I am inspired by the engagement of this community.

I am looking to apply for the Global Talent Visa and I have shared my overview below.

Would anyone have the time to review and share feedback? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

  • Personal statement

    • Why: operations expertise for tech startups as a COO for tech startups with founder experience (started three startups including startup C still ongoing with investment raised in UK since 2020 under Startup Visa). Focus on impact tech given my previous work with impact-focused tech startups (startup A - Umati, startup B - Komo, startup C - MeatFreed) and operations in sales, marketing, and finance.
    • Occupation: operations for tech startups and continue my current startup C
    • Region: focus on Manchester (startup C that I started is now based in Manchester for almost a year)
    • Benefit: growth of startup C with projected employment in Manchester and the region with revenue, community for operations for tech startups
  • Three letters of recommendation

    • Co-founder of startup B and highlighting pilot that I managed with the continent’s largest e-commerce platform
    • Investment adviser for startup studio program that I received funding from for startup C (1 year+)
    • CEO of digital tech TV startup that I worked as an interim COO (1 year)
  • Up to 10 pieces of evidence in relation to the relevant Eligibility Criteria

    • MC: Started startup C and received funding. Evidence: term sheet confirming fundraised amount for startup C in UK from an early-stage tech VC and a grant from a tech organisation, articles of association with me as major shareholder/founder
    • MC: CEO of startup A that I worked with for 5 years till late 2018 (including as COO for final year). Evidence: reference letter from CEO
    • MC: Recognised as a leader in tech startups in UK. Evidence: news article link
    • MC: Recognised for startup C in UK in national competitions in digital sector. Evidence: news article link for national competition #1, news article link for 2 national competition #2
    • OC: board member and mentor for impact accelerator program from 2014 to 2020. Evidence: reference letter, news article link
    • OC: article about startup C in UK. Evidence: news article link
    • OC: Started startup B. Evidence: US-based tax document with me as a co-founder/shareholder
    • OC: employment letter with share options for startup A. Evidence: contract with share options noted
    • OC: contract with share options for digital tech TV startup per rec #3. Evidence: contract with share options.