Seeking Feedback on Global Talent Visa Application – Exceptional Promise Category

Dear all,

I am currently in the process of applying for the Global Talent Visa under the Exceptional Promise category, and I would greatly appreciate your insights regarding the strength of my application.

Here’s a brief overview of my qualifications:


I am currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing and bring 2 years of experience as a digital marketing professional in product-led companies. Additionally, I have over a year Public Relations experience from an agency, where I collaborated with diverse clientele, including a national digital betting company and a Fintech company.

Letter of Endorsement 1:

Received from the General Manager, Planning, Strategy, and Performance of a real estate & healthcare solutions company, where I served as the Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager/Acting Head of the Department. The company has three major digital products that drive their revenue.

Letter of Endorsement 2:

Endorsement from the CEO of Fintech Company 1, where I worked as a Digital Marketing Manager.

Letter of Endorsement 3:

Endorsement from a Head of Growth and Marketing in a fintech, (although I have not directly worked with the business)

MC1 (Mandatory Criterion 1):

Led marketing efforts at a product-led digital technology company, contributing to substantial revenue and/or customer growth. I have successfully led marketing for four digital products, showcasing impact through content creation on social media and websites. A letter of reference from a Product Manager at the company further explains the impact of my contributions.

MC2 (Mandatory Criterion 2):

Led the growth of a non-profit community hub for Marketing Tech Professionals. Evidence includes activities and insights gathered, publications in recognized tech and marketing platforms, and a letter of reference from a leading industry expert highlighting the community’s impact.

Optional Criteria 2:

  1. Proof of mentorship program by me under the co-founded community, including screenshots of emails, calendar invites, and reviews from mentees.

  2. Links to two articles published that exemplify thought leadership.

Optional Criteria 3:

  1. Evidence of leading Product A marketing strategy and activities, including social media and paid advertising campaign reports and website analytics.

  2. Evidence of leading Product B (in another company) marketing strategy and activities, with similar documentation as mentioned for Product A.

  3. Letter of reference from a direct lead detailing the impact of my contribution.

Optional Criteria 4:

  1. Evidence of an excellent academic achievement – a distinction
  2. Reference from MBA Portfolio Leader at the university, highlighting my outstanding academic performance.

Your constructive feedback on the quality of my application would be immensely valuable. @Francisca_Chiedu @Fisayo_Obilaja @alexnk

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

I think you have not thoroughly understood the Tech Nation guidelines yet, and you will not be endorsed by this set of evidence. Here are my comments:

An experience in an agency does not count towards Digital Tech field.

Letter 3: You have to ensure that the person know your detail work for over 12 months.

OC2: Only 1 program is still at risk. Ensure that it has to be unpaid contribution and a structured program.

How significant is it under digital tech field. I have not seen that an MBA would be enough for this OC4. Doctor degree would usually be the ideal case.

OC 2,3,4:
You can only choose 2 OC, not 3. In this case, I think you OC4 is not valid. Your OC2 is still weak. OC3 could be one of the OC you can go for.

Do make sure that you read this Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation thoroughly. Print them out, and tick all mandatory requirements you think you have achieved before proceeding forward.

I hope this helps @Khad

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Letter of Endorsement 1 the company doesn’t sound like a product led digital company, I’d reconsider using it.
letter 3 will have to explain how they know your work well enough to attest to it.

You need to choose two optional criteria and not three like you presented. As far as understand OC4 is for published or endorsed research work - I don’t believe a distinction is sufficient here.

I would advise having more evidence files for MC and for OC2, two evidences for MC doesn’t seem enough

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My observation is not very far-off from @alexnk 's.

  1. Agencies are not recognised as product led, except this agency is focused on a specific sector, for instance health-tech, and everything done there is related to improving healthcare (or a similar field). Otherwise, it won’t be considered.

  2. Recommender of letter 3 should have a close knowledge of your work. And preferably the work should reflect as part of your evidence. That makes your evidence more credible and at the same time the letter more credible as well.

  3. MC1 looks convincing, I would suggest that data that signify your impact on the growth and leadership of that company is also provided. Something quantifiable, and bounded by a time frame. e.g from Jan to Dec I xxx at the company, as seen in the chart/graph or anything that signifies growth and leadership strength.

  4. Ensure MC2 has enough evidence too. Has the potential to be convincing.

  5. OC2-1 looks self authoured.

  6. OC2-2 is insufficient

  7. OC3 in general looks convincing. You should present it properly and make it convincing for a higher chance.

  8. OC4 doesn’t match the TN guideline.

These are my personal observations.

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