Second Application Support

I have been rejected for MC and OC2.
OC3 has been awarded.

I am planning to make new application.

My question is do I need to again submit documents for OC3 and will it reassessed or they will consider it as already awarded ?

@vision_23 You will need to resubmit everything again as it will be a new/fresh application totally.

@vision_23, I would suggest that you appeal first before submitting new application.

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You can share the list of evidence you submitted and assessors feedback to help us understand on what grounds you were rejected. You can take the route of appealing or resubmitting depending on the grounds of rejection, though appeal costs nothing but waiting time and can provide you with more feedback to eventually strengthen your application if rejected.

Thanks @alex_james @alex_james @May I did get motivated and decided to appeal instead of making new application. I have submitted today hoping for a successful outcome.