Salary evidence - How to prove that salary is high in India?

Hi All,

I work as a Senior data scientist and I believe my salary is in the higher bracket. However, I was wondering what is considered high by Technation since its subjective?

Can I show some stats for Data scientist salary from Payscale or glassdoor and show a comparison to prove that my salary is much higher than the country average?


You can definitely do that. You can also compare that with per-capita GDP, and also compare it with UK salaries on PPP basis.

All of those options aside, Indian salaries have grown so big in recent years that if you are in the higher bracket, your salary in absolute terms in GBP, is likely to be in very high bracket in UK too. I don’t know your specific salary but would doubt if it will be low enough to make this an issue.

Thanks Shreeniwas for your inputs.

My salary is not thats high to make it convincing in absolute forex conversion, so I would go for comparisons.

But you are right, some companies do have such really high salaries even in Indian currency. I am not sure if that is the range Technation would expect though. If yes, then I dont stand a chance in Salary perspective. I really hope that they would do the analysis on a country level than on absolute conversion.


@sharath_natraj, my application included high salary as an evidence.
My page 1 was about my job title, my total compensation and other financial benefits which I converted to GBP. I also include a screenshot letter from my HR which stated my role and my compensation.

In page 2, I explained why my salary is considered high by using data from payscale. I included charts/graphs from payscale and provided links which shows the base, average and high range salary for a solution architect in my country . I went further to give a brief context into payscale, what they do and highlighted some of their awards.

In page 3, I tabulated my earnings, commission, retention bonus and stocks from my previous employment. I went further to explain why I was given the bonuses and stocks considering that they are not part of the standard employment T&Cs.


Thankyou Lassy. That is exactly what I am planning as well…

Really appreciate the details.

in my appeal letter to the TN assessors, I used the UK gov’s official data and highlighted that my base salary was above the 99th percentile. That probably helped my case.

Thanks a lot @viciv. Really helps.

@Shreeniwas_Iyer, Going based on your comments further, I found this site which does a pretty good job of converting salaries based on PPP (worldbank data). Do you think I could quote this?

Just ran a couple of examples there and the numbers from India to UK are largely overstated. For instance a INR 50L salary is translated as GBP 200K. Trust me, one earning INR 50L wouldn’t be able to command anywhere close to GBP 200K salary. They will likely end up commanding a £100K (+/- 20%) salary. You can use it to present a stronger case for yourself, I suppose, but you have to realise that it is not difficult for someone to figure out that mis-match (specially for TechNation panel that is used to Indian applicants).

Oh ok… Sure… then I will refrain from using this… thanks much @Shreeniwas_Iyer… you are an asset to this forum!!!

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Hello, I have a question please. Is it compulsory to include high salary evidence if you have many other forms of evidence to support your work and impact. Especially if you work for a non profit?

It is not compulsory to show evidence of high salary especially if it isn’t a strong point like in your case. Showing high salary, like most of the other evidence, is optional.

In my case I chose not to show evidence of high salary but focused on other evidence and I got endorsed.


Thank you so much @westside