Said no to applying for entry clearance. A mistake?

I am switching from a skilled worker visa to GTV. I am already in the UK. When the application asked me if I am applying for entry clearance, I said no, because I believe I already have that with my current visa/BRP card etc. Now I’m wondering if I made a mistake and everyone switching to GTV is also applying for entry clearance because that’s something that always has to be renewed? I couldn’t find anything about this that gave me clarity in the guides I brought up online. I appreciate any perspectives on this. It’s been a week since I applied for Stage 1 and I wondered if I need to email someone (at what address I don’t know) to correct this if need be.

If you are already in the Uk, I believe the correct answer is “No” to that question. I think it means you will be replacing your BRP within the Uk instead of receiving a temporary entry clearance vignette on your passport and then picking up your BRP from a post office close to your address in the Uk.

In any case, after submitting your stage 1 application, you would need to submit your document on Tech Nation site (SurveyMonkey link) for endorsement. Tech Nation also asks a similar question, I suspect for statistics purposes only. (but I don’t know).

I believe you are asked the same question again on the stage 2 form after you get your endorsement.

I am not sure you should stress on this.

Wishing you all the best.


This apply to me also. if you are in the UK the answer is No.

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FYI I was endorsed for Stage 1 yesterday. Thanks for the response to this!


Congratulations @Gracewoods