Rishni Sunak to declare new minimum earnings of £38k, How does that affect Tech nation


I just saw a news that Rishni will be announcing a new minimum earning of £38k for immigrants. Does that affect tech nation? Some of us do not earn up to that

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Why should it affect tech nation? The minimum salary is only applicable to overseas skilled workers requiring sponsorship.
Generally global talents don’t need to be sponsored to work in the UK. They could take up any job in their field of endorsement regardless of salary.

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ok thank you for the response

I think anyone coming on the Tech Nation visa would be earning an amount much higher than that. Remember that this is a visa for ‘exceptional talent’ - I think one exception here would be Researchers who may not (in some circumstances) hit that. If you are planning to come on this visa with tech nation digital technology skill - it would be highly advisable that you target a salary in the minimum of £60,000+

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How about bringing dependants after getting the GTV, are we going to be affected because I’m scared, earning 38700 pounds for Software Engineer wouldn’t be a problem though, but will the rule allow us bring our family when we get endorsed and complete the process

Don’t be too sure everyone would be earning higher than that. Not everyone is applying from a top world country. Skills don’t equate pay

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Yes you can bring your family.

Exactly the concern here, what if as a software Developer I don’t get UpTo 38700 offer and I am willing to bring my family. Would that not be an issue since the threshold is fixated?

What I think is that you can move there yourself while visiting your family frequently (say every month), and be looking for a better paying job in the process. When you get one, you bring them over

Skills almost always equate to pay. Where you come from has no bearing. Your skill, which presumably is that of an ‘exceptional talent’, should net you that income.

By the way the earning threshold of £38k is not for what you earn in your home country!! It is the salary you get paid in the UK. Hope that puts things in the right context.

Aha! This explains the missing context. Thanks

Tech Nation Visa does not require sponsorship, it is a different visa route entirely for exceptional talents in digital technology. All the same, an average salary of GBP4000 per month should not be difficult to earn.