Right to Rent/Share Code Issue

Hi there,

My partner has been granted a 5-year GTV and requires a share code to supply to a letting agent to provide his ‘right to rent’ in the UK (he is a US citizen, and I am a UK citizen). However, he could not generate a share code because he went to a VFS center for his biometrics and did not have a UKVI account. Unfortunately, he did not know this would cause an issue then.

He does not yet have his BRP since he does not get to the country until August, but he has tried accessing the share code through his passport number. Unfortunately, it comes back with an error that says his data does not match the records.

He does have the following:

  • A BRP letter/email explaining his permission to enter and the 5-year window he is approved to join. But it is not stamped per these guidelines.
  • A 3-month entry clearance vignette in his passport (does not cover the duration of the tenancy per the same guidelines).

I did see in this guidance that the vignette can be provided as proof until the tenant can access their BRP, in addition to a manual check request to the Home Office. Has anyone here gone through that process and knows if a manual check would come back with the term of his VISA even if it doesn’t start until August 1st? We would like to prove his ‘right to rent’ before then. :blush:

Thank you

He ned to arrive the UK to pick the BRP. Share codes are generated with the BRP reference number and date of birth.

Hi Fancisca,

Thank you — I understand this is the ideal situation but he will not be able to pick up his BRP until August, which is after he needs to prove his ‘right to rent’. I have provided some links above to highlight the alternative ways a landlord can check a prospective tenant’s right to rent, eg. the manual check.

I wondered whether anyone has gone through with a manual check before to get some insights on their experience. And also, I would like to know whether a manual check can only be done if the GTV has already started on the date that the check takes place, or whether it will still display the dates that the GTV is active even if that is in the future (August).

Hi there,

I was able to prove right to rent without having my physical BRP. I provided the visa vignette to the letting agency. They weren’t immediately familiar with accepting it (they asked repeatedly for a share code), but it was accepted.

Hi, thanks so much for responding! Luckily ours was accepted too — it seems like a lot of people face this dilemma :slight_smile: