Review my evidence for an endorsement

Below are my achievements and evidence for endorsement, so please tell me if I’m eligible for an endorsement.
I’ll arrange this evidence later in Mandatory & Optional Criteria but currently, I just want to know if this is good for endorsement or not. Please give me your valuable suggestion.

I worked for a healthcare NGO. My job was to create an app for COVID-19. It helped patients and doctors, and it saved many lives. I received certificates, and a recommendation letter, and my name is featured on the organization’s website as recognition for my work.

I worked with a prominent fintech company where I contributed to the development of key features for one of their mobile applications. This application is downloaded by millions of users and is live on online platforms. I have a recommendation letter for my involvement and contributions to the project also GitHub (the repository is private but I’ve screenshots) and mail.

I participated as a mentor in the Hackathon, a prestigious national-level event initiated by the government to encourage innovation in technology. More than 37,000 teams took part, and only over 1,300 teams, including ours, were finalized (source from the official government website). Unfortunately, despite reaching the final, my team didn’t win, so there’s no online evidence of our achievement but I received a certificate from the event acknowledging my contribution.

My salary is well above the average range for my designation in my country, as evidenced by my employment contracts which include details of my salary.

I can provide a chart demonstrating my continuous collaboration on GitHub. However, most of my repositories are private, and I have not worked extensively on open-source projects. Despite this, I can share specific examples of my contributions and collaborations in private repositories if needed.

I have some reference letters and contract letters.

@Francisca_Chiedu @hsafra Please give me any suggestion

You may be eligible but you still need to read the tech nation guide, check examples of evidence in each criterion and see what you have to proof you meet the mandatory and two optional criteria. As it sounds I can see a couple of evidence, that’s not enough to may an input.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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