Reuse same reference letters for a new application

Hi all,
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Quick question. I have been rejected in august 2022 under a Leader category. Recently I decided to submit another one, and wondering If I can reuse the same letter of reference which I previously sent with my first application.
I could not find anything specific in that regard, so looking for your advise.

Thank you!

I submitted my first application in March 2023 and got rejected in May 2023. I reapplied using same reference/recommendation letters that I used in my previous application, and I got endorsed.

Though your letters were written long time ago, but I don’t think that can affect your application. Let hope someone with similar experience to yours to say something.

Was that an review submitted upon the refusal or a new application?

I’m doing new application

Thanks for confirming.

Sorry, quick one. I’m trying to reapply. Should i use the same email and profile, or should i create a new one

While I don’t have a clear answer to your questions, it’s obvious that TN panel will see your initial application when applying with the same email and profile. This is something to consider.

I’m asking because i intend to change my letters of recommendation, add new evidences, and tell the old stories better. I am worried if this would conflict the old application.