Researcher looking for Tech Nation Endorsement

Hi all,
I am a researcher in Computer Science and Engineering. I have extensive research record and looking to apply for Exceptional Promise route.
After reading the requirements of TN endorsement, I feel that it is more suited for personnel working as a software or digital engineers rather than researchers. Please suggest me and correct me if I am not thinking correctly.

The usual profile is indeed someone that has worked in the digital field.
What kind of research are you engaged it?

You should apply as a researcher instead - Read this - Work in the UK as a researcher or academic leader (Global Talent visa): Overview - GOV.UK

I am working in Cyber Security and Computer Science research

@Ajay2 you’ll need to provide some more details if you want an honest opinion. Where are you doing your research? For how long? Have you had external engagements? etc.
Try to take a look at the Tech Nation guide to understand where you stand.