Requesting help to review my stage 1 application for Tech Nation endorsement

Hi everyone!

I’m kindly requesting a review of my document for the TechNation endorsement for an exceptional promise. Would any successful applicants care to review my documents? I have been a 2x founder and over 3 years as a product manager and I’m applying through the Business route with the proof of work and commercial contribution criteria.

If you email me at, I would gladly share the complete documents with you and appreciate the detailed feedback. Below is a summary of what’s in there.

  • Personal statement - explaining how I founded two tech companies that operated for 5 years before it was shut down. The impact, grants and revenue generated from both startups were shown. Except for a few pieces of evidence online of the impact, I could not really show much of the revenue and grants received. I’ve been a founding team of a YC startup that has raised over $2m and led product and marketing before hiring an associate for the product so I can focus on marketing. As the marketing lead, I showed the revenue drive, campaigns that acquired clients and awards for the startup, including joining YC. As a product manager, I talked about the product I launched, and the activities that were done to onboard our first users. I also stated my role as a product lead in the company I currently work with, and how I’ve led the team to deliver a new product to the market, and the number of transactions both in volume and amount. Lastly, I talked about my stealth startup and the number of users (10) and partners we are working with.

  • Resume - showing career experience as a founder, marketing professional and product manager, certifications from Stanford and skills.

  • Recommendation 1 - letter from CEO/Founder of the last startup I worked with, stating what I did, what I was accountable for, my contribution to the company’s product development, brand growth and revenue drive. And how marketing activities led the company to achieve more than 30% of its YoY revenue goal in 3 months.

  • Recommendation 2 - letter from CEO of a tech company I worked at after shutting my startup. He is a mentor and advisor, so he has followed my hustle mode since inception. He highlighted my startup journey and how I contributed to product development at his company, even though I worked there for less than six months. He is also a prominent investor, at least, in the UK and Africa.

  • Recommendation 3 - letter from a startup founder and CEO HQ’d in the US. He wrote about our work together and startup journey. No concrete number to show my work apart from recognising the fact.

  • Offer letter with a relatively high six-figure salary from my current company.

For evidences -
I focused on my recognition where I highlighted my contribution to the last startup I worked with, the impact of my role as a founding team functioning as the QA manager, and product manager and later went on to lead marketing. I mentioned the strategies we used in acquiring customers, the revenue, partnership and expansion into other regions and the awards the startup received.

Then I showed how I contributed commercially to the startup. And lastly, my proof of work in the tech space with the impact of my tech newsletter with over 4k subscribers. I showed the metrics of engagement. I talked about hosted events and their impact of it, especially since most attendees are now startup founders. Lastly, I chipped in my startup in stealth mode.

I’ve also highlighted that I’m looking to HQ the startup in the UK. I sincerely this doesn’t sound like a bribe. Maybe I should just leave this part out.

Do you have any feedback on what I’m missing or need to adjust? Thanks in advance for your experience!

I’m happy to share the full document with any successful applicant that can help review it. Pls, drop me an email at

I would like to apply by the end of next week.

  1. Your personal statement does not address the questions in the tech nation guide.
  2. Your profile is not eligible for promise as you have over 5 years experience.
  3. Your recommendation letters are mainly about the companies you worked for. In any case, be sure it covers the expectations stated in the tech nation guide.
  4. You need to split your evidence to meet one mandatory and two optional criteria. Based on what you have shown your evidence is just about your startup. What evidence do you have to meet the mandatory criterion? Which optional criteria did you select and what evidence do you have to show you meet both criteria?

Based, on what you have written you are far from ready to submit your application. You need to take you time to read the tech nation guide.


Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu for taking the time to provide me with your feedback. I appreciate.

By any chance, is it possible to share the entire doc with you to look at at your own convenience?

I don’t review evidence.


That’s fine. Thanks again for the earlier feedback.