Request to review Exceptional Promise Application ,Startup Founder

Greetings, I am the founder and CEO of a digital health startup serving the UK market.



  1. Raised $1.2M for my current startup
  • Evidence will be the bank statement (No news clippings since we were in stealth)
  • Evidence of Association to show I’m a shareholder in the company (AOA)
  1. Raised $125k for my previous venture
  • Evidence will be News clippings covering the raise
  • Evidence of Association to show I’m a shareholder in the company (AOA)
  1. I’m a YCombinator founder (International recognition - one of the best startup accelerator in the world)
  • Evidence will be YCombinator acceptance letter email


  1. Scaled my current company’s revenue to $500k in Annual Run Rate ($42k was the revenue in April)
  • Evidence will be the Stripe dashboard
  • Proof of Association to show I’m a shareholder in the company (AOA)
  1. Through my previous venture, I helped Indian hospitals treat patients via WhatsApp during the pandemic. This was before WhatsApp API and many hospitals adopted it. Our company got a lot of recognition through some of the leading newspaper outlets in the country.
  • Evidence will be the news clippings
  • Proof of Association to show I’m a shareholder in the company (AOA)


  1. My current venture provides treatment plans for chronic illnesses. We focus on Gut health and Menopause health. 95% of our clients felt relief from their symptoms within one month.
  • Evidence will be a detailed analysis of how our treatment program affects the quality of life of our customers. We have done detailed research based on standard scales.
  1. My significant contribution to growing the company as a founder.
  • Letter from my co-founder detailing my contribution.
  1. My current venture and its importance in a customer’s life and the future it holds for the UK
  • Evidence will be a letter written by a customer who is also a doctor in the NHS talking about her experience and how we, as a company, can help the UK manage chronic disease.
  1. My previous venture helped doctors’ offices in India to take their business online. We helped our clients to increase their NPS scores, increase referrals, decrease prescription errors and increase revenue.
  • Evidence will be a letter from our customer stating how our product helped him in his practice.

Kindly evaluate my application.

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@Francisca_Chiedu please help

I think you have a solid application. Just some few missing piece. Aside fundraising evidence, what other recognition do you have in the sector awards? Speaking event?

For OC1, you application is also focused revenue what about evidence of the actual product?

For OC3 you could add your salary as evidence. Also avoid self authored evidence.

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Thanks for the reply @Francisca_Chiedu.

I have newspaper clippings for one of my ventures but I’m afraid I don’t have anything for my current startup.

For OC1, I’ll also add the product screenshots from Appstore for both products.

For OC3, I’m showcasing the letters from my customers especially someone who works in the NHS. Isn’t that credible evidence that showcases the innovation and its impact on UK’s healthcare system?

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