Request for review Product designer /Founder Application - Promise

Hey guys, Thank you all for the value you constantly add to this group. My application was rejected last year, and I have been working immensely since then. I would really appreciate your input.

5yrs as a Product Designer in Nigeria. Worked in a few startups, and also built 2 Products.

Letter of references

  1. CTO of Top Agrotech company in Nigeria. Whose company has raised over $60million in funding. Known him for 10yrs. He shares how we worked together on some products and my achievements.

  2. CTO of Top edutech company in Nigeria. Raised over $150k. Known him for over 2years. He is a mentor and he shares the potential of my application, and how he’s personally contributed to it.

  3. Founder of Popular news/tech media outlet with over 600k monthly readership. Known him for over 6yrs, and he speaks about my pet tech company, his involvements, it’s potential and achievements.

Mandatory Evidence

MC1. : Proof of significant contribution to development Edutech AI powered mobile app, where I worked full time in 2018 - 2019. I spoke about my role and how my work helped them raise a sum of £50k and were able to scale to France from Nigeria

Evidenced by

  • App screen designs. website designs
  • Images of me speaking at exhibitions on behalf of the company
  • News Clipping of fundraise.

MC 2: Letter of recommendation from CEO and founder of tech company referenced In MC 1. He talks about my role and how I was instrumental to their raise and scale.

MC 3: Proof of High income as Senior product designer in current product led company I work at.
I get paid 500% more than average amount paid in my country. I also did a payscale comparison.

Evidenced by
•Offer letter that Includes equity & other perks
• Recommendation letter from CEO talking about my contribution and impact in the company

MC 4
Featured op-ed article in a leading news outlet about me and my Mobile application which raised £4k(news outlet has over 100k monthly readers)

OC 2

How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?

OC2 Document 1
a. Spoke at industry leading events with over 400 attendees. (event backed by top bank in Nigeria)

Evidenced with

  • Pictures from event, event flyer,
  • Invitation letter from event organizer

b. Spoke at industry leading event alongside other top speakers. With over 300 participants

Evidenced with

  • Event flyer.
  • Recommendation letter from organizer
  • Link to audio talk on my website

c. Hosted a Tech event with a top Tech professional. Had over 250 attendees.

Evidenced with
-Banner for event.
-Replay link to video (over 200 views)

OC2 Document 2.

Significant contribution to the growth of a social enterprise

I was a facilitator and team member of an social, community-building initiative that helps train tech talents through a structured and organized program from entry to senior level. With over 800 students. I Spoke about my roles and contributions.

Evidenced with

  • Flyer where I spoke as a guest
  • Website image where I’m displayed as one of the facilitators
  • Link to replay of previous talk
  • LinkedIn testimonials of students after my talk.
  • Recommendation letter from Co-founder of organization

OC 2 Document 3.
Featured op-ed article in a leading news outlet on thought leadership.(News outlet has over 60,000monthly readers)

OC 3

How do I demonstrate that I have made significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member, or employee of a product-led digital technology company?

OC 3 document 1.
A pet tech company i founded and a CTO of in Nigeria that has expanded to 3 cities and 2 countries. Making $2k/month.

Evidenced by

  1. Product designs of web app
  2. Press features
  3. Images of expansion via announcements Instagram and linked in announcements
  4. Bank statement image showing transaction on $2k in a month

OC3 Document 2
A Saas mobile app I founded and developed that is still in beta. We have over 300+ beta users and 700 sign ups. Raised £4k from grants and friends & family.

Evidenced by

  • Product designs of app.
  • Playstore live link
  • Firebase Dashboard image of active 300 users.
  • Images of grant won and partnership page where friends and family supported
  • Feature by media outlet with over 100k monthly readers (already In MC 1)

OC 3 document 3.
(I used the same document I used for my Mandatory criteria document 1 on impact on Edutech AI powered mobile app)

Would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

@Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad @alexnk @immigrant @Nacsoft Pls help

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@alex_james @moorjaniajay @ask4jubad @Francisca_Chiedu I’m sorry to tag you all, but I would really appreciate your input on my application

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You may have some evidence to meet the criteria but I have concerns on the revenue and fundraised numbers.

For the mandatory criteria I think it is not strong enough, I think you should add one of the sector leading event you spoke at, there is no point adding three speaking event in one evidence. You are most likely to exceed the three page limit if you do that. Each speaking event is a unique evidence. Does the newsclip in the mandatory criteria mention your name? I am not sure how evidence of you are an exhibition proof you led the development of the product. The letter from the mandatory talks more about funding raising, why is it not confirming your contribution to product development? I think you need more industry based recognition for the MC.

For OC3, you can’t use same letter used in the mandatory criteria. As per the recent update on the guide you can’t use the same evidence on multiple criteria.

  • For MC → Do you have any proof of raising funds from external VCs ? Or getting accepted to a accelerator ?

  • Can’t comment on OC2.

  • OC3 other than what Francisca has mentioned looks good.

Thank you so much for these insights Francisca.
I would add one of the speaking engagement to Mc.

Yes, The news clip mentions my name and shows my face.

The reference letter I currently have in the MC does talk about my contribution, but as you suggested, I think I’ll need him to help review it as it might not speak highly about those inputs.

I have removed the duplicate document in OC 3, I missed out on that TN update. I just saw it in the guideline as you mentioned it…
Thanks again Francisca. Would share good news soon

Thank you Ajay.
Yes, there’s a news clipping that covers the fundraise, but it doesn’t have my name in there tho. But I have a reference letter from the CEO that corroborates my contribution (I’ll need him to make it stronger tho).

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