Rejection Review


I just got a feedback from Tech nation about a rejection for the Global Talent. I am looking go submitting a review. Could anyone help with some of the following questions

  1. How do I show sales figures for my startup on the review letter? There is no section to upload any document such as bank statement? Would providing logins to administration back end suffice? Or can I attach documents to the email I will be sending for review?

  2. I do not understand this question There is only one letter of endorsement from his employer and the

visa guidelines require that for this criteria if a letter from an employer is used as evidence, it should be provided “in addition to the required letters of endorsement and should be written by another individual”.*

It is not possible to send additional documents with review application. You can only point out if they failed to consider any evidence that you sent or misinterpreted any. Try your best to answer their arguments with evidence you sent.
Good luck.