Rejection Review Appeal need Help needed-Cyber Security Expert

Hi All,

I have been working for my application for almost 6 months and I tried to submit an evidences related to Tech nation criteria but I have received my result yesterday with negative feedback.

Summary about myself: I am with skilled worker visa and I hold two master degree, MSc in cyber security and MSc in Software engineering. Also, bachelor degree in information technology engineering.
currently I am working as a senior cyber security analyst for a full time role and as I senior cyber security specialist for a part time job.

I have submitted under cyber security role, and my evidences are down below:

  1. RL from the director for cyber security research group in the UK at one of the Russel group university, he was my supervisor when I did my MSc in cyber security and he mentioned about my MSc project and stated that I have been working with them as a security researcher in different projects for a part time job.
  2. RL from CEO for previous that I was working as a Security Engineer/Team lead and he mentioned how I increase the revenue and reputation of the company and I was leading the junior team.
  3. RL from CISO for my current job as a Senior Cyber security analyst, leading junior members and leading different projects.


  1. reference letter from CIO in my current position mention that I am leading different projects and leading junior members as well.
  2. reference letter from Director for teaching group at the same university and he mentioned the projects that I am leading and led junior members as this a part time job and I have been promoting recently from security researcher to senior cyber security specialist with provide some tutoring as well.
  3. reference letter from CEO for a freelance project that I did pen testing for their product and I discover vulnerabilities in their product and how I work with their developer to provide the required recommendation.
  4. my current permanent employment contract.

1.refernce letter from president of JCI that is an international NGO and I was mentoring and trainer for 300+ student as a volunteer and the impact I did to the organization.
2. certificate of being an trainer and facilitator for provide a training in research project at JCI.
3. reference letter from CEO for a freelance project how to did an assessment for their infrastructure and provide security recommendation.

1.refrence letter from a prof when I was working as security researcher in a part time job and the impact I did in my research and how I will publish my research (this letter is from different referee that is in my RL )
2. merit-based award from my university and it mention in the letter that based of academic achievements and professional experience.
3. certificate of highest mark for national exam that we need to do after graduating in my bachelor degree.

Assessment panel feedback:
The applicant has applied for the Exceptional Talent (ET) route and has selected optional criteria 1 and
3 (OC1, OC3).
The applicant has not provided sufficient evidence to qualify for any of the criteria selected and
therefore we cannot endorse this application.
For the mandatory criterion, in addition to the reference letters, the applicant has submitted his
employment contract and three further letters. The applicant’s salary, as confirmed by his contract is
commensurate with his position and does not materially add to this criterion. All of the reference letters
describe the applicant as a professional and talented individual, but do not demonstrate how the
applicant has been recognised as a leader in his field. There is no additional evidence that has been
submitted that meets this criterion.
For OC2, the applicant has submitted working for JCI, certifications and a further letter. Whilst the work
at JCI is admirable, it was not shown to meet the criteria for mentoring as defined by the visa guidance.
The certifications did not show how this work was advancing the field. The letter describes a freelance
engagement, that whilst clearly appreciated by company, does not show how the applicant advanced the sector.
For OC4, the applicant has submitted a scholarship, national exam and a further letter. The applicant
has completed a Masters, however, research undertaken at a masters level is not applicable for this
criterion as stated in the guidance. Furthermore, no research was actually submitted. The scholarship
and national exam certificate do not contribute to this criterion.
Overall, the applicant is a well respected cyber security professional, but has not submitted evidence
that meets any of the criteria for this visa route

could you please provide an advice what should I mention in the appeal and it was shocking to me that I did not meet any of the criteria specially the assessor mention that It was master research while it was different research and the recommender has clearly mentioned that and how as my work was outstanding, also for mandatory, it was clear that I am working in two position at the same time and I am leading different projects , I have applied as a talent as I have 6 years experience. @Francisca_Chiedu @somdipdey @May

You didn’t provide sufficient evidence. You evidence are mostly recommendation letters. Reference letters alobe are not sufficient, they must be supported by other evidence. For the mandatory criteria, you need evidence to show you are recognised nationally or internationally in the field. Outside of work what other evidence do you have to show, you need high profile speaking event, do you have media mention of your work, have you contributed to thought leadership in cyber security publications? In my opinion, salary is one of the weakest evidence, even what you shared wasn’t an impressive salary. For OC4, what was the context of the research, was it an industry commissioned research project?

Assesors are looking for evidence demonstrating your exceptional talent across various aspects. However, it appears that a significant portion of what you submitted consists mainly of reference letters.
For mandatory criteria, aside from the letters you also need to show external verifiable evidence like bonus received as a result of contribution, proof of revenue generated, increase in users or customers etc. You can also demonstrate your expertise through awards, keynote speaker appointments, articles published etc in alignment to the guideline

For your OC2, its important that you explain how your contribution advances the digital technology sectors. The idea is to sell yourself as a talent and also provide necessary evidence to back your claim

Summarily, I recommend taking the time to thoroughly grasp the requirements and reviewing the various feedback provided on this forum. This will help you restructure