Rejection Review Appeal Help Needed

Hi All,

I am filing an application endorsement review appeal.

While filling up responses in the appeal form in different textboxes I am not able to see anything beyond 200 characters, Is there a word limit to this? However, I am able to paste content in it with 500 characters or more but not able to view beyond 200 in the textbox. But when I copy(from appeal pdf form) and paste(in a word document) the entire contents from the form, I am able to view all the contents i.e. 500+ characters. All the carriage returns and spaces are being truncated in the textbox by default. Does the assessor copies the entire contents from the text box for review or just view the contents within the form itself i.e. 200 characters only?

I would really appreciate your expert views and helping me on this.

Many thanks

I don’t think the pdf appeal form saves more characters out of the textbox’s limits, so reviewers can only view the content within the word limits

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The form boxes don’t show more than 200 words although it may take more words eventually it hides them somewhere making them invisible. Please check once with the Home Office separately as they may allow attaching an additional word document along with your appeal form while emailing. So try to drop them an email and seek their permission for the same.

Thanks @viciv and @Shivani_Aggarwal. Appreciate your help. :blush: