Rejection - Exceptional Promise

Hello everyone. I was rejected on the 17th of January after waiting for over a month to get a response.
I want to appeal because there were some inconsistencies in the panels verdict.
The questions I have are;1. Can I please have a link to the appeal form, 2. Can I attach my evidences or will referencing them on the appeal form suffice. Thank you
@Francisca_Chiedu @Afolabi

Visit the tech Nation guide found here: to get more info about appealing a rejection.

Assessment panel feedback:
The candidate has applied for the Global Talent Visa (GTV) through the Exceptional Promise (EP) pathway, electing to evidence meeting Optional Criteria 1 (OC1) and Optional Criteria 2 (OC2) and providing evidence for meeting Mandatory Criteria (MC) as being a recognised emerging leader of their field within the past 5 years.
The candidate fails to meet the requirements for Mandatory Criteria because the candidate’s evidence does not demonstrate someone at the appropriate level of notoriety as an emerging leader of their field. It is deeply appreciated the candidate has been awarded the*****scholarship. However, that and other evidence provided is not to the standard of a successful EP awardee and does not demonstrate recognition as a promising leader of their field.
It should also be noted there are significant concerns regarding the authenticity of some of the candidate’s references. Parts of multiple references appear to be exact replicas of content contained within the candidate’s CV. As such, those specific references influence over this assessment has been reduced.
The candidate meets the requirements for Optional Criteria 1. It is unusual for someone who is not employed at a product-led digital technology company to meet OC1 - however, the nature of the candidate’s consulting work for ****** requires the candidate to work on deeply innovative projects for product-led companies. The project for **** on the PLHIV project is deeply innovative, with detailed contribution and supporting references.
The candidate fails to meet the requirements for Optional Criteria 2 because there is insufficient evidence the candidate has significantly contributed to advancing their field outside of their occupation. The candidate has presented a few workshops they have hosted after being a participant in the **** - however these are not to the standard typical of an EP awardee.
On the basis of the above, we do not endorse this application

Please am I supposed to reference the above when appealing? or should I use this

@Francisca_Chiedu @Afolabi

You need to download an endorsement review form