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Good day,

I applied for Promise on Dec 10 last year and got a rejection today(16th January).

The feedback I received:

My opinion of the feedback:
It seems the reviewer didn’t look well into the document included for the OC2 as it had links to recorded events, also certificates, and a reference letter. Also for OC2, I provided other open-source works and even StackOverflow to make this a strong option.

For OC3, I don’t get the sales and revenue, as my work doesn’t involve this, I, however, explained how my work enabled the creation of a new product and taking it to the MVP stage and showing my contributions, also a bit confused about what went wrong here

For Mandatory, it seems the awards(AWS and Hackathon) weren’t considered as well as the talks.

Also my recommenders arent my immediate managers, but are high up in their respective companies

Looking to appeal, just want to be sure where I could have gone wrong.

My Promise Submission:
Documented Evidence for UK Global Talent Visa for endorsement by Tech Nation

  • Letter from CTO from a previous company I worked with.
  • Letter from my current Head of Engineering for a US-based company
  • Letter from CTO from my previous company, he has moved on to another company and holds the “Head of Entrepreneur Support” title

9 pieces of evidence

MANDATORY CRITERIA: How do I demonstrate that I have been recognized as (or recognized as having the potential to be) a leading talent in the digital technology sector?

  1. You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services, as evidenced by commercial or employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings.
  • High Salary
  1. You led the growth of a product-led digital technology company, product or team inside a digital technology company, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, or as evidenced by news clippings, lines of code from public repos or similar evidence.
  • Letter of Recommendation from my Engineering Manager at work
  1. You have received nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence specifically in the digital technology sector, as evidenced by the award itself, reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your achievement, or as evidenced by news clippings or similar evidence.
  • Attached mail evidence I got from AWS for a grant scholarship I won
  • Listing reason why I was chosen, my impact on the community, local and global as well as my content creation for the cloud and potential leadership in the cloud space
  • Supporting evidence of a letter by AWS to my country’s embassy to allow me to visit and attend a conference all-expense paid
  1. You have received nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence specifically in the digital technology sector, as evidenced by the award itself, reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your achievement, or as evidenced by news clippings or similar evidence.
  • Hackathon I participated in, in 2018, where my team came second, attached a link to the event, and award, and explained in detail what the hackathon was about.
  1. I attached my speaking document used in OC2 number 1

OPTIONAL CRITERIA 2: How do I demonstrate that I have been recognized for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?

  1. Evidence of my talks
  • One physical one, showing the attendees, its relevance in the tech ecosystem, and my expertise(also attached a reference letter I got from the organizers within this document)
  • Three Virtual but international talks(2 recorded with links) where I explained why I was chosen and its impact on the various countries’ tech ecosystem
  • Certifications after the talks, links to talk pages(if still up), the poster of the event, and also to show the caliber of speakers
  1. Your Stack Overflow profile shows a significant contribution to discussions around code
  • StackExchange contributions with 104k+ reach, multiple badges(Gold, Silver, bronze), and my reputation(around 1300).
  • Also showed and explained my highest answer
  1. Open Source JavaScript Product I wrote with over 50 Github stars.
  • I also included articles I wrote for a major Open Source Platform and links to my profile.
  • Have up to 10 forks, and has full features for anyone to even start up their e-commerce ordering company with.

OPTIONAL CRITERIA 3: How do I demonstrate that I have made significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member, or employee of a product-led digital technology company?

  1. Documentation on product designs or architecture diagrams clearly showing your contribution.
  • Showed my contribution towards the system design and architecture of the various products I manage(via RFC, event-driven architecture docs)
  • Curation of history, contribution to documents as well as stating my overall impact in starting most of the documentation, owning it, and contributing to about 80% of most of the architectural documentation
  1. Letter from an employer wherever applicable. This is in addition to the required letters of endorsement and should be written by another individual;
  • Reference letter from my Engineering Manager on my impact on the team and company product(Used it for an MCC)
  1. GitHub account that contains lines of code clearly showing your continuing contribution.
  • Showed pictorial evidence of my contribution to the codebase, via, commits, and Merge Request and explained my role in the team and how it enabled overall success (All within 3 pages of the single document) (Another Git Platform)
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@Francisca_Chiedu @Victrr Would be really happy to hear your thoughts!

@nwachukwu_chibuike First, I am sorry you got rejected at this time.

Second, I am by no means an expert. But based on the feedback you received from Tech Nation I am making the following assumptions:

  • I think that Tech Nation takes a lot of time to evaluate the referees. Meaning that they should ideally be an expert in their fields, with a lot of experience, media recognition if possible etc. It seems they are suggesting that your referees do not meet this point.
  • Looks like they are also saying that there is too much of a disconnect between the evidence you provided and the information provided in the reference letters by your referees.

Just my initial thoughts, hope this helps!

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Thanks for your feedback, for the second point, I reviewed the 3 letters to make sure they matched my evidences and statement, seems perhaps I missed something though.

No worries! There were some typos in my first point so I corrected them - hope it’s clearer!

Honestly, from the look of things, it appears like the assessors look to “tick their checklist”. For each criteria, they have a set of checklist they’re looking to evaluate. No matter the quality of the evidences, once one item on their checklist is not covered, they will reject.

I advice on
Recommendation Letters: TechNation themselves, need to see your referee as an experts. They should be able to google your references and be convinced that they have a track record of expertise.

Optional Criteria 2: Unlucky in my opinion. Like I said, they looked for the one item not catered for — talks not backed up by reference letter, and declined for that reason, even though excellent Stack Overflow contributions exist.

Optional Criteria 3: I understand where they’re coming from here as well… They need metrics to be able to award this.

Best of luck!

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Sorry you application did not get endorsed. I believe you have grounds for appeal. In your appeal point them to the evidence that were not taken into account. Your stackover flow account should be strong enough. For exceptional promise you need just one evidence to pass the optional criteria put you provided more than one. For option criteria 3 point them to examples in the tech nation guide.

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Thanks a lot everyone, I really appreciate, would apply all the feedback received

Hey @nwachukwu_chibuike
Have you got any feedback on appeal?

Yeah, got a response, appeal was rejected as the initial decision was upheld

I see
so sorry for that news
Were you able to find problems in you case and resolve them for the reapplication if you are going to apply again

Yes, I noted their points and would address them if I decide to reapply. Thanks

Best of luck for that… You should also think of TN closure

If you had any of the criteria passed on your appeal, try to strengthen that and then work on any of the criteria that did not pass.