Regarding refusal due to MC and OC3 - limited traction

Dear members,

My stage-1 application has been refused my tech nation with below feedback.

My question are:
a. My app had 2.5k downloads across the globe within 10 months from one platform. What’s the minimum number of downloads required to show good traction?
b. Clearly, they are expecting more evidences/supporting documents for Mandatory criteria. I was wondering if I appeal, will I get yes/no for each criteria in the feedback proforma?
c. Should I appeal or re-apply?

Appreciate your help and support.

Feedback: "The applicant has not provided sufficient evidence to qualify for all of the criteria selected and therefore we cannot endorse this application.

Regarding the mandatory criterion, the applicant submitted a single recommendation. Whilst it was a good endorsement of the applicant, a single piece of evidence does not sufficiently show that the applicant has been recognised as having the potential to be a leader in the digital technology field.

For OC3, the evidence presented was that of a company that the applicant founded. This was a social networking app that achieved only limited traction. This was not at a sufficient level to qualify for this criterion.

We do not endorse at this time."

It appears you didn’t submit enough evidence. I think it helps to submit 8-10 piece of evidence so that you the assessor can have enough information about your work in different form. Some evidence are week but addition evidence in each of the eligibility criteria may makes your case stronger. It also helps you to point out what you think the assessor missed out…

Please, give feedback on this, @Francisca_Chiedu @sumitsharmamanit

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Did you end up appealing the decision? Else did you make second new application? @sumitsharmamanit