Reference letter vs Recommendation Letter

Hi, I apologize in advance if this is a silly question. I’ve read the descriptions many times but the difference between a reference letter and a recommendation letter is still not very clear to me. Would appreciate your explanation. Thank you.

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I was also wondering about this. Thanks for asking. Waiting for replies :smiling_face:

I stand to be corrected, but my understanding of this is such that one is mandatory, and the other is not.
As part of your application, you are required to submit 3 letters of recommendation that summarise your work by industry professionals, as you being an exceptional talent or promise. In the case of reference letters, they may be addressing specific parts of your application as supporting evidence and are not mandatory, unless you are using it as supporting evidence to authenticate something you have achieved in the past. Hope this helps!


Correct! This explains it.

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Thanks. Can the CEO of the company I work at write a recommendation letter for me? His letter will mostly be about my achievements inside the company, whereas, to my understanding, the recommendation letter is more about my achievements recognized outside of my company and my additions to the sector. I’m not sure about this, I may be wrong. Many thanks.

your CEO could write as long as he is not your immediate manger and he is considered a leader in the sector.

Thanks, that is very clear. How do I show he is not my immediate manager? Should I ask him to mention it in his recommendation letter?

You don’t need to show he is not your immediate manager. Is description of your achievements and how he knows it mostly likely will suggest you are not is direct report.

Recommendation Letters are part of the requirements needed for your application. According to the guideline, you need 3 LORs and they have to be strong experts in their field who know your work and can describe your achievements in the field, why they consider you as a global talent and what you value you would you give to the UK digital tech sector
For reference letters, they are supporting evidence you need to buttress your impact for both your MC and OC