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Q1. Company logo or letterhead: Two of my recommenders are saying they wont be able to give the recommendation on the company letter head or include the company logo in their recommendation letter. In big companies such as Microsoft anything on the company letter head will have to be vetted by legal which at a company like Microsoft will be almost impossible.
a. Can someone please guide if company letter head or the requirement of including the company logo is necessary?
b. If that is not possible for a recommender what should the applicant do?
c. Is the letter head also required for recommenders who are not part of the main 3 recommenders but are providing supporting letters to be included as part of an evidence doc?

Q2. Recommender’s CV: the guidance says, “the letter must also come with the author’s CV (or other proof of their credentials that the endorsing body will accept)”
All my recommenders are very senior leaders and are not comfortable sharing their CV. Is a link to their linkedin profile enough? I didnt find any guidance on what is the definition of “proof of their credentials that the endorsing body will accept”.

Any help on these would be really appreciated.


Most people didn’t add their full CV… They just write Profile summary and add their LinkedIn. As long as they have public profile… Attaching full CV isn’t necessary.


You can use docusign as an alternative for letterhead.
In addition to the LinkedIn profile you need to attach a CV. The LInkedIn profile CV can be attached.


Yes normal letter pad will do , but make sure the verification email id, proper contact number and their LinkedIn profile link are available.

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Dont worry about writing CV or wait form them to give their CV , LinkedIn there is option to download their CV if your in their friend list.

Under more there will be option save as pdf , there it will save their profile info as CV.



Thank you so much really appreciate you taking the time to share this, really helpful!

Thanks May, very helpful!

Awesome, thanks @alex_james. Massively helpful!